Writer’s Prompt: Music to inspire

music00.gifOne method I like to use to inspire my writing is listening to music. I have a number of choices, such as soundtracks, rock, blues, classical, and just about any other type of music out there. Depending on the scene will depend on the type of music I choose.Here are a few tips:

  • Create playlists in your music player (Media Player, RealPlayer, other) with labels such as battle, romance, dialogue, or another ‘scene’ them you want.
  • You can copy your CD/DVD onto your hard drive to create the playlists. How this is done depends on your player.
  • You can listen to music online if you have high speed Internet (see links below).
  • Headset helps drown out outside noise, filling your ears with music, and allowing you to lose yourself in your story.

ISerenity– This site offers a means to use ‘white noise’ or ambiant sounds you can use for free. Simply pick your sound, and let it fill you. I like the wind chimes the best.

AOL Online Radio– offers a huge variety of music to choose from; most of which has no interruptions and you can hear the whole song. If you sign up (free) you can add up to 10 preset stations of choice. The link to hear the radio is near the top of the screen where it says “listen now”.

Playlist User– offers a means to create playlists you can listen to on various styles of music. One drawback is often you find the song you like is no longer available.

Amazon.com downloads– Believe it not, there is an area on Amazon.com in which you can download music. These are samples, giving you a bit of a taste of music you might not otherwise hear. You can also buy songs on an individual basis through them. PLEASE note: backup your music in case your computer crashes.

Writer’s Prompt:

Click here to listen to the music. (or listen to any song you have on hand). Write on whatever the music provokes inside of you such as a scene, a character, or start of a story. What images are brought to mind?


11 Replies to “Writer’s Prompt: Music to inspire”

  1. Great idea here! Music can definitely be a source of inspiration when you’re needing to go somewhere in your mind that you’re just not getting to with your thoughts alone. I have to remember the opposite too; music can be really distracting if I have it on when the work is already flowing without it.


  2. loved aqua harp! I find music (without lyrics) can really get you in the proper mood to write. Some Celtic music and candles or incense can really be great mood-setters.


  3. Great post. I use music to see me through difficult first-draft days – it stops me rushing, keeps me at the keyboard, gives me atmosphere and ideas. But I hadn’t thought of using it as an exercise in itself for characters or plot – definitely will give it a go, thanks!


  4. I now know I’m not alone. Most people I know don’t do this because the music distracts them as they write. However music is truly inspirational. Whenever I listen to a song, I imagine myself inside the story in a cinematic style and it makes it easier for me to write. Things like how the general atmosphere of emotions is, what everyone is doing, how the landscape or setting looks like… If anyone ever hits a writer’s block, I suggest listening to a song a few times and just let your mind suck you into the song itself and write what happens inside your head… You’ll be amazed of what you are capable of.


    1. I’m the same; ‘seeing’ the story unfold as the music plays. I admit where I can’t listen to music with words, but soundtrack-like music is just perfect for writing. plus, it drowns out other distractions in my house.


      1. Hi frootbat31:

        I just saw your short story about music inspiring you to write stories.
        You mention soundtracks and i am listening to Claudia’s Theme right now. I am an Expressive Writer , a very good one at that , i might say. I let a song play over and over and then i just let the writers inside of my mind blaze away. The past year or two , i have really started to come out of my shell as a writer. I have a couple of women that i let them see some of my works , but the men , they
        just cannot seem to see the greatness in my writings. Then today it hit me why: ” WOMEN ARE BUTTERFLIES IN LIFE AND MEN
        ARE THE MOTHS ”

        My name is Ben Marichal


        1. I don’t often think about my readership, if they are male or female. Its certainly food for thought. Interesting metaphor with the moths and butterflies. Are you saying men tend to flit about pointlessly at lights at night? 😉


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