Men with Pens

I was inspired by this topic I discovered today in my travels online. I agree wholeheartedly with inflicting pain and anguish on your story characters. Life is about problems and solutions, of crisis and overcoming obstacles. Pain also offers the best teaching tool, with tempering the character with strength. (both inner and outer)

I also found this as a writer’s tip to kill off a character if you face writer’s block. Such action immediately creates drama and something for the other character to deal with.  Even having a character believed dead causes enough raucous to add more issues into your storyline.


3 Replies to “Men with Pens”

  1. Great link; I’m a big fan of Men With Pens. It’s also a great tip but I think it only works if you’ve already been able to create some compassion for your character. If you have a believable character, your readers will care about the pain that’s being inflicted.

    I love the idea of using a character’s sudden death to get out of writers’ block; genius!


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