My Top Ten Posts

I’ve been going through my blog where I’ve posted 374 posts to date, 536 comments, and over 55,000 views. I’m not sure how these numbers really add up to anything meaningful, but it’s the top ten posts that intrigued me.

Stereotypes of writers

Getting fanfics published

Writer’s Prompt: Music to inspire

A book by its cover

The importance of grammar

A new tip for productivity

Only boring people get bored…

Story plots

The importance of feedback

Top Handy Programs To Help With Writing

These results show me that my readers are would-be authors, seeking tips and/or advice to help them write towards their goal.  Although this might be stating the obvious, I feel it reflects on tags and organizing so that information may be easier to the reader.

I would be interested in my readers’ input on what they like to see in a blog such as this. What themes do you enjoy, what topics should I cover, and so forth. I’d greatly appreciate the input.

Post in comments. Winking smile

Friday Prompt: Look at the photo below as your prompt. Write about what the girl is thinking, or use this as an exercise to describe her as a character.


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