Useful books about the craft of writing

labelledbooks.gifRecently some writers asked what books are best in regards to the craft of writing. I have to admit, I’m rather picky myself on this subject, because so many books waste my time with fluff and sharing information that I have no use for. I decided to share the books I’ve enjoyed (and covet) in my library:

No Plot? No Problom by Chris Baty– Chris Baty founded the National Novel Writing Month, and this book covers the process of writing a novel very well. With added humor, tips, and some exercises, No Plot? No Problem provides inspiration to keep writing.

The Renegade Writer by Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell– The authors provide a wonderful book that breaks the rules. Offering story after story of writers who managed to find success despite being told otherwise, the book explains the rules of writing while showing how on occasion they can be broken.

265 Troubleshooting Strategies for Writing Nonfiction by Barbara Fine Clouse I love this book. Not only does it help with grammar issues, you will find tons of exercises and prompts to get you writing more creatively.

Starting Your Career as Freelance Writer by Moira Anderson Allen– Another useful book for any writer. This offers the practical side to writing, and how to write for the market. I found tips on finding time, making use of that time, and how to properly format manuscripts extremely helpful.

A Writer’s Workbook by Caroline Sharp– This book includes tons of writer’s prompts and exercises. Its smaller than the other books, fits nicely in my purse, and I bring this with me when I have to sit in waiting rooms. Very handy. Topics covers ‘writing bad guys’ , ‘end well’, and plenty of writer block solutions.
The Well Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman– Here is another practical book on the craft of writing. The author includes just about every avenue of the writing business, and making money as a writer. He gives his own story on breaking into markets, finding work, and utilizing the income you receive.

Let me know if you like this posting. I can add more books I have, but these were the ones that are stock filled with post it notes, and kept by my computer for reference.


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