Blog feeds- What prompts subscribers to subscribe?

textI was cruising through blogs the other day, trying to find more feeds to add to my Google reader, or add to my IGoogle writing start page. I began to wonder what exactly prompts me to click the RSS feed button? What qualities in a blog do I hope to find amid the words of so many writers on the great and wonderful Web?

Not too long, and not too short. I don’t like lengthy dissertations of whatever subject a blog poster deems worthy. I want my information fast, but not so aburpt where I’m left wanting. I also don’t want to see writing so concise the emotion gets left somewhere in the black recess of the Internet. Blog entries should be no more than 3 paragraphs, with the writing pertinent to the subject.

Plenty of blog entries to choose from. I’ve discovered some fantastic blogs out there, only to find the entire site consists of three entries. When I see the date, I also realize, the blog sadly was abandoned some time ago. A great blog includes lots of writing, matched with plenty of subjects on writing as well.

Updated regularly. I don’t expect any writer to religiously upkeep their journal. If they want subscribers, however, the blogger should know readers want updated material. At the very least, I want a blog to update weekly.

Lots of information and entertainment- preferably both. The best blogs offer the combination of fun as well as resources in one package. In other words- don’t get too serious with your writing you lose a sense of humor.

Some sites that earned the list:

Rough Draft – I really like Dale’s style in writing. Its very easy going, with a dash of humor, and informative on subjects of writing and other topics.

The Renegade Writer – This blog is by the authors of a book by the same name. The premise includes breaking rules to get into the writing field. I like the style, but also the go-get-em attitude.

Real Words – This blog offers so much to a writer; You’ll find sound advice, plenty of resources, with an occasional entry about the author’s life.


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