A note on plagerism

I found a number of scam comments appeared on this blog, making remarks that the person felt the blog entry he (or she) read elsewhere. My reaction sparked a bit of anger in me, not for the accusation as much as the fact that I’ve been plagerized myself and would never consider doing this to another writer.

In addition to their accusation, he didn’t (or couldn’t) post where they thought they read this post. I emailed him, telling him that in the future, if he wished to make such claims, he best back them up to the site he felt I stole from. I also pointed out that my blogs have been plagerized and its entirely possible what he read was mine to begin with, and copied elswhere.

Perhaps this reader also wasn’t aware that ideas are not copyrighted. If I decide to write on the topic of how to organize my office or files, this is allowed. You can find plenty of other writers who picked the very same subject to comment on, who did not copy anyone else.

This subject also arises with some message boards I’ve read that said that Stephanie Myers copied Anne Rice’s books on vampires. Considering the Twlight series goes so far off couse with the vampire lore, she hardly copied anything. The legend of vampires also stems from old stories in Europe, not Anne Rice. Neither author shares the same tone or style to the writing, or share the same characters. This is not plagerism.

Now if someone wanted to write a story about a young, clumbsy girl living in Seattle who falls in love with a teenage vampire, then yes, that woudl likely be some form of copyright infringement. (Especially if the vampires sparkle).

Should anyone wish to link to my blog posts, or copy from my blog, you need MY persmission, or follow blog ettiquette. This dictates that should you copy my stuff, you cannot copy in its entirity nor can you take any credit for what you find here. You must also link back to my site.

Fellow bloggers have been so kind as to link with me (and I link back to them), out of mutual respect of the other. One myspace blogger, however, decided to cut/paste a blog entry, the whole thing, and paste to her blog. She linked back to  my blog at the bottom. I found a number of her readers commented what a ‘wonderful writer’ she was, and how much they loved ‘her blog post’. This shows that just because she posted the link back to me doesn’t mean readers recognize the original author.


One Reply to “A note on plagerism”

  1. As a freelance writer for Associated Content, I can personally vouch for the frustration when someone takes your work and does not give proper credit. Thanks for posting this on your blog. Hopefully, you won’t fall victim to the theft of your intellectual property again.


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