How often to update a blog?


This will sound terribly hypocritical, but how often a blog should be updated is regularly. Whether this is once a week or daily, you want to keep the blog entries rolling. The higher the number of readers, the more frequently you should update. The main reason I advise this stems from readers’ interest, and to keep that interest.

You want readers to click on the RSS feed icon, to subscribe and even link to your words. You want readers to come back, over and over, reading the information with apt attention, and be so impressed they share your blog with their friends and family. Okay, well maybe I’m a bit enthusiastic at times with viral marketing, but that is how your blog gains readers.

I’m proud to say some readers feel my blog is a worthwhile read, enough to list me as such in their own blogs. Ok, not just proud- downright ego puffing. It ensures that someone out there views my words as being worthwhile to read, worthy to share even. High praise to a writer!

Blogs that get comments and more hits I will focus on. In fact, I deleted a blog this past week for the lack of readers. Only a pang of regret held back my clicking finger, but the deed was done, and I feel better for it. I knew I had to narrow down my list of obligations- or what I feel were obligations, and focus instead on things that provided me something in return. There’s no room for blogs that don’t get read.

I’m trying to post here more, to help the writers out there along their own journey, and to provide resources as I find them along mine.


12 Replies to “How often to update a blog?”

  1. Thank you for sharing, I’m sure there are many first time bloggers like me who need advise like this. But what would you recommend in the case that a blog is completely new? How often must one update it and add new posts?

    Hope you could answer these and thanking you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. That’s a great question! With new bloggers, its not as much the issue of posting frequently as much as marketing regularly. You should cross-link, add yourself to places like twitter and facebook, and even join sites like Feedburner.
    In fact, even posting your question, you lost an oppurtunity to post a link back to your blog. (Or reply and feel free to link that way. Just be sure to add the http:// before the link so it becomes an active link)
    This gives me an idea to add ‘marketing a blog’ to a future post! Thanks for the idea!


  3. hmmm….I was thinking of opening other accounts elsewhere but I never knew about Feedburner and it didn’t occur to me to post my link! But in Word Press, people can already click on my name to see my blog…or would you still suggest otherwise?

    Oh and glad to know I’ve helped give you an idea for a future post ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Its always a good idea to join the social networking sites to get the word out that you’re blog is there. They’re free to join. Check out,,, and other places.


    1. I perfectly understand how you feel. I’m worried that nobody will read my stuff — it’s sad to put myself out there with all I got and not have anyone to appreciate the efforts. On the other hand, the thought that people may actually read what I write and possibly share it with others brings a different kind of anxiety — pressure, even.

      Human beings are weird. d=


      1. Its unnerving putting yourself out there. I organize three meetup groups and find occasionally a bit overwhelmed with having to confront others and juggle issues. I try to keep such emotion at arm’s length, and I think part of being a writer is to get a tougher skin as well. I hope eventually I cope better just out of experience alone. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. I was looking for a post that can give me advice on how often I should update in order to get more hits and found this. It’s refreshing to see a piece of advice focused on interesting content and not SEO keywords for a change. Though the SEO stuff is important, like you, I agree that it’s the content that makes readers come back for more.


    1. Very true. It makes me cringe coming to blogs that are clearly for marketing purposes. I click out asap. Blogger need to write plainly and to their audience, not adding keywords that are irksome. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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