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Into the Shade- Free until April 26

Interested in reading a short story? My Amazon Kindle short, Into the Shade , is now on sale for free. I’m using the KDP program Amazon offers their authors, and so far, I do see a significant spike in readers.

Why free? Whether your book gets pirated or given away, you want those readers. You want feedback/reviews. You want your name and the title out there in the Web being read, shared, and talked about. This bumps you up in lists on Amazon, promotes the book so others will want to order it even if there’s cost, and also markets your other books you published, as well.

And I’d love it if you’d read and leave me some feedback.

Jennifer wanted to join the ‘2012, End of the Year’ party with her friend, only to find herself caught in a strange world of darkness,monstrous creatures, and reality wreaking falling apart. How does she survive? Most importantly, how does she go home?

And don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle- You can use the free Kindle app Amazon offers. And its FREE! (I have it on my laptop, tablet, and my iPhone). It shares your Kindle library, and you can import PDF file documents as well. This is also for Android, iPad, Mac, and Blackberry.

This is only until April 26, 2014!


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Writing about fear

eye01Writing can be very cathartic, enabling people to work through their personal crisis by laying out that fear and scrutinizing it. Generally , I feel we avoid things we fear, but fear is drama. It touches upon our humanity, and many people can share in that fear.

Okay, maybe not all fears. Let’s delve into some of mine and we’ll see if you share the fear or can offer some of your own. Remember, from these fears you can find sparks of creativity, perhaps a plot bunny will arise, or you’ll find something to inspire you;

This seems sage advice;

– I’d write about a Creative Muse haunting an author, by teasingly offering ideas only to snatch them away

– I’d write about parasites, namely ticks. Oddly enough, I’m fine with leeches, but something that embeds itself, spreads horrible diseases, and bloats up with blood just grosses me out.

– I’d write about freezing to death. I hate being cold.

– I’d write about the loss of a child. When I had my son, I felt such overwhelming fear of something happening to him. What if a dog mauled him? What if he got cancer? What if someone stole him? Its better now, but only toned down a bit.

– I’d write about the bizarre. Movies with gore and death don’t bother me as much as weirdness. If something doesn’t make sense, is like a bad dream, or even people behaving ‘not normal’ frightens me.

I’m not afraid of snakes or spiders. I don’t fear stalkers, after having dealt with one. I’m not overly aggressive about that type of story. I once dreamed of someone kidnapping me and while he was dialoging how evil I was, I realized ‘Oh my god, he’s going to kill me” and I punched him in the face. Once down, I kicked him- hard, and got away.

What are some of your worst fears? Leave in comments.

Writer’s Prompt- Take your fear and write a short story about it, trying to find a resolution to that fear.


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Free Fiction From Apex: A Hollow Play by Amal El-Mohtar | Apex Publications

Free Fiction From Apex: A Hollow Play by Amal El-Mohtar | Apex Publications.

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Down the rabbit hole..into creepiness

spellworkI spent too much time on Pinterest today, too caught up on boards listed as ‘creepy’. Why, you ask? Well, my only excuse is it started innocently looking up Halloween decorations. Next thing I know, I’m drawn into bizarre stories, ghost sightings, monsters, deformities, and just the downright bizarre.

Once done, and I got off the computer, I felt very unsettled. But think-! All the potential stories there!

This story hints at cults, secrecy, murder, and possible human sacrifice.

This story shows the classic horror tale of man versus victims killed off by a madman.

And one of the strangest stories bears no real explanation what happened to the poor hikers of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. I know a movie was made from it, and it implied strange reasons to the deaths.

I couldn’t help but try to piece my own story based on these stories on things like motivation, causes of deaths, and possible endings.

Even the ghost photos, which I knew were fakes, offered so much storytelling. I don’t even consider myself a horror writing, but oh…the possibilities!

Where you do find inspiration? Post in comments.


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