Down the rabbit hole..into creepiness

spellworkI spent too much time on Pinterest today, too caught up on boards listed as ‘creepy’. Why, you ask? Well, my only excuse is it started innocently looking up Halloween decorations. Next thing I know, I’m drawn into bizarre stories, ghost sightings, monsters, deformities, and just the downright bizarre.

Once done, and I got off the computer, I felt very unsettled. But think-! All the potential stories there!

This story hints at cults, secrecy, murder, and possible human sacrifice.

This story shows the classic horror tale of man versus victims killed off by a madman.

And one of the strangest stories bears no real explanation what happened to the poor hikers of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. I know a movie was made from it, and it implied strange reasons to the deaths.

I couldn’t help but try to piece my own story based on these stories on things like motivation, causes of deaths, and possible endings.

Even the ghost photos, which I knew were fakes, offered so much storytelling. I don’t even consider myself a horror writing, but oh…the possibilities!

Where you do find inspiration? Post in comments.


3 Replies to “Down the rabbit hole..into creepiness”

  1. When I was a kid, the Scary Stories books were responsible for more sleepless nights than just about anything else I’ve ever encountered. But it wasn’t the stories themselves that creeped me out. To his credit Alvin Schwartz tells these stories right, using simple language without excessive detail and short, punchy paragraphs so the stories are easy to follow and when the scary stuff hits it hits fast and hard. Some of the stories Schwartz collected for the books are genuinely disturbing. Others are funny – the stories in the last chapters in each book are usually meant to “make you laugh, not scream.” Some are actually tragic and sad – basically, any story about a guy falling in love with a woman who turns out to be a ghost, and there are several. And a few of them have been told so many times they have no effect on you. Ever hear the one about the babysitter getting disturbing phone calls from inside the house? Of course you have.


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