Into the Shade- Free until April 26

Interested in reading a short story? My Amazon Kindle short, Into the Shade , is now on sale for free. I’m using the KDP program Amazon offers their authors, and so far, I do see a significant spike in readers.

Why free? Whether your book gets pirated or given away, you want those readers. You want feedback/reviews. You want your name and the title out there in the Web being read, shared, and talked about. This bumps you up in lists on Amazon, promotes the book so others will want to order it even if there’s cost, and also markets your other books you published, as well.

And I’d love it if you’d read and leave me some feedback.

Jennifer wanted to join the ‘2012, End of the Year’ party with her friend, only to find herself caught in a strange world of darkness,monstrous creatures, and reality wreaking falling apart. How does she survive? Most importantly, how does she go home?

And don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle- You can use the free Kindle app Amazon offers. And its FREE! (I have it on my laptop, tablet, and my iPhone). It shares your Kindle library, and you can import PDF file documents as well. This is also for Android, iPad, Mac, and Blackberry.

This is only until April 26, 2014!


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