Taking your writing seriously

33f4a43d1565c60aaa278a049932649af904a2f9Many writers see the act of crafting a story something they need to do, regardless if it will get published or not. If asked if they would continue to write if never getting published, most writers admit to writing to some capacity no matter what. Its something they’re compelled to do.

Unfortunately, many people perceive writing more of a hobby than work. Only the truly gifted get paid for their work, right? Writers are not often taken seriously, not as a career. Too often I hear writers fail to receive the encouragement or acceptance in doing what they love to do best.

If you’re a writer, I certainly do not need to explain to you why writing is important. I would like to say that many types of writing get published in one form of another, many of which are of moderate skill. So even if you don’t consider yourself a prolific or gifted writer, you can get published. Submitting your work if half the battle.

Making the time to write, rather than finding the time to write. Any moments I snag from my daily schedule to do some writing slips in between chores, homeschool, and the plethora of errands run through the day. Why isn’t writing top of my list? Why don’t I put as much importance on something I want to do for a living?

Respect of the hours you’re working. Writing is work; plain and simple. This is especially true when you’re writing without the blessing of your muse or the creative juices seem to run like mud. If you intend on the writing to be published, and therefore earning money, writing is work time.

Narrow your ‘to do’ list to find more time to write. Go through your day to day schedule to see where you can set aside more time to write. Some days I opt to not do the dusting or laundry so I can get another chapter tapped out.

You needn’t chain yourself to a computer. Take a notebook along when you leave the house and jot down notes, ideas, or write scenes while you’re waiting or finding idle time.

Don’t ask, demand that family and friends respect your writing time. Keep in mind that your writing time, regardless of hobby or career, is important. Any writer will tell you that they enjoy writing, and those wanting to get published hope to get paid for it- so why continue to let people interupt and interfere with that?

And most importantly, submit your work! Nothing ventured nothing gained. Putting your work out there for others to read exposes you to critique- both good or bad, but you’re out there. Take a chance and learn from what others say about your work. Improve and move on. You can do it.


4 Replies to “Taking your writing seriously”

  1. Great post. I really enjoyed your points. One thing that I hated, however, is that snow falling effect you have on your page. It’s completely distracting if not utterly annoying. Please consider removing it. I don’t expect this comment to be posted… just wanted to let you know. Be well!


  2. Some good advice. The point about not chaining yourself to the computer is well taken. I gained some valuable insight keeping my trusty Moleskine with me always. Never know when the Muse will have something to say.


  3. I’m starting to write a novel once again and this advice is completely right. You cannot expect to publish a story if you don’t set a deadline for yourself and meet that deadline even if you have writer’s block.


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