Cover Design by Chris Fox

I found Chris Fox's YouTube channel that offers many interesting topics on the subject of writing and publishing. Chris Fox fiction and non-fiction and you can find his books at


Thoughts on Editing for Self Published Authors

Within my writer’s group, we discuss methods of editing for self-published authors. This is a challenge for those wishing to keep costs low, but there are a few things I can offer to help in the process: Understand the different types of editing. Not all editors are the same. Learn how to edit. You must …

Neologisms- Creating, evolving language

Neologism (noun) means to create new words or expressions, or give new meaning to existing words and expressions. As word crafters, we are allowed to create all kinds of words or phrases. Such verbs, nouns, and even phrases can give birth to new meanings. Perhaps someday, those words can become part of our modern day …