Ten Classic Plot Bunnies for When You’re Stuck | Miss Literati

Ten Classic Plot Bunnies for When You’re Stuck | Miss Literati.

I originally found this article via Pinterest for the adorable picture of the bunny, but then found the article worthy of sharing as well.

Getting stuck with plotting a story offers challenges, which a few tricks can turn the process into something fun.

Change age and gender. I will switch things around in a story to see if it provides enough compelling change to merit the change in the first place. One story I’m currently working on switched one of the main characters from a young woman to a young boy. It changed the story from a potential romance to a coming of age trope.

Throw some ‘acts of God’ into the mix. A huge disaster, or approaching disaster gives characters struggles to develop and grow. This can be a storm, or you can choose disease or sudden death. Piling on the problems forces the character to break or adapt. (Not unlike Life)

What plot bunnies have you used in your own writing? Add in comments.

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Writing about fear

eye01Writing can be very cathartic, enabling people to work through their personal crisis by laying out that fear and scrutinizing it. Generally , I feel we avoid things we fear, but fear is drama. It touches upon our humanity, and many people can share in that fear.

Okay, maybe not all fears. Let’s delve into some of mine and we’ll see if you share the fear or can offer some of your own. Remember, from these fears you can find sparks of creativity, perhaps a plot bunny will arise, or you’ll find something to inspire you;

This seems sage advice;

- I’d write about a Creative Muse haunting an author, by teasingly offering ideas only to snatch them away

- I’d write about parasites, namely ticks. Oddly enough, I’m fine with leeches, but something that embeds itself, spreads horrible diseases, and bloats up with blood just grosses me out.

- I’d write about freezing to death. I hate being cold.

- I’d write about the loss of a child. When I had my son, I felt such overwhelming fear of something happening to him. What if a dog mauled him? What if he got cancer? What if someone stole him? Its better now, but only toned down a bit.

- I’d write about the bizarre. Movies with gore and death don’t bother me as much as weirdness. If something doesn’t make sense, is like a bad dream, or even people behaving ‘not normal’ frightens me.

I’m not afraid of snakes or spiders. I don’t fear stalkers, after having dealt with one. I’m not overly aggressive about that type of story. I once dreamed of someone kidnapping me and while he was dialoging how evil I was, I realized ‘Oh my god, he’s going to kill me” and I punched him in the face. Once down, I kicked him- hard, and got away.

What are some of your worst fears? Leave in comments.

Writer’s Prompt- Take your fear and write a short story about it, trying to find a resolution to that fear.


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Writer Unboxed » More Technology for Writers

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Writer Unboxed » More Technology for Writers. Includes a number of programs (some free and some paid for) for would-be authors.

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