What I’m Writing

Old typewriter painted.jpgIt’s been ages since I blogged. This was due to not writing and dealing with the guilt that comes it. After all, how can I be a writer if I’m not wriitng?

The ideas keep coming though. As long as I can remember stories ran like movies in my head. Scenes and characters play out whenver I do some mundane chores, or drive the car, or listen to music. The stories keep bubbling up.

Franz Kafka once said “A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”, which is why you should write no matter what. The writer in me, however, seems to fear failure enough to embrace that insanity of not writing.

This year has been stressful with being the primary caretaker of my parents as they go through the aging and health issues that come with it. This means tons of anxiety, tips to doctors, juggling a schedule, while my son graduates high school, and ‘real life’ keeps interferring with the writing life.

My cat died of cancer so that was weeks of caring for him with medicine, trying to get him to eat, and worry incessently about making ‘the decision’. You know what I mean if you own a cat or dog, that moment where you decide it’s time to put an end of suffering. No amount of justifying his age (15 years old) made the decision any easier.

My writer’s meetup group is also publishing this year. Our theme is science fiction. Normally, that’s the genre I love. This time, finding the idea for a short story took forever. I still waffle if I should stick with it or find something else, but I’m taking it as an exercise of ‘just do it’ and see what happens.

So what am I writing? I’m trying to get back into blogging regularly. To stop worrying about content and just share posts I’d like to read. That also goes for fiction. I work on various projects, but this week’s focus is on a sci-fic short story involving A.I., space pirates, and program vs humanity.

I’ll post an excerpt soon.

My theme this month is ‘just do it’ and try to get things done regardless of stress, anxiety, worry, lack of sleep, sorrow, etc. Just write, let the words flow, see where it leads.

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