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Writing Motivation: Who will be next?

I really enjoyed this video, where it touches upon not just writing, not just writer’s block, but the raw emotions that writers endure. Even more beautiful is how the video illustrates this through scenes from movies (many about authors) to show you, not just tell you, the pain, joy, and adventure that writing is all about.


What are your thoughts? Post in comments.

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In my own world

635668079090870143I think many writers tend to live on the edge of the imaginations all the time, only delving into the deep when actually writing their stories. I know I do.

I find myself lost in my own thought doing mundane things like walking my dog or washing dishes. Scenes play out like movies in my head, where sometimes I’m the character, while other times, I have a cast of characters to direct for a story.

Over the years I enjoyed alternative lives;

– An everyday housewife who plays secret agent at night. There was a twist of humor, since my made up nemesis was Kang Fang of the Nepal Mafia. Each story ended up with his defeat, often due to his poor planning, being outsmarted, or being too stupid.

– A house cat that ran the streets at night, fighting crime, only to return home to be a loveable house cat.

– A leader of a rag tag group of misfits, trying to survive an apocalypse.

– A ghost that haunts the house, struggling with her own demise, while trying to ‘help’ the family that lives in her house.

And how much have I written on this? Um…not much. Okay, not at all. The plots sit in a folder on my hard drive. <sighs> Yeah, I know. I need to get writing, not dreaming.

What sort of writer’s journey am I on if I’m not actually writing?  I need to get my inner world put to paper.

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Some recent highlights


So far this year offers so many ups and downs. My cat, Max, (see the photo of the cute kitty), developed some swelling on his face. I took him in to see the vet and seems he needs oral surgery. It’s a tooth abscess. We don’t have the money now, so we opted to use antibiotics for now, and get the surgery when we get the money.

For now, I give him antibiotics, and he’s already better. Not that he seemed to suffer before. He continued to eat, play, and demand cuddles. But cats are more tolerant to pain than other animals, and he’s such a god natured animal. He’s also getting old. We figure he’s over 10 years.

logo_82As for other highlights, my two meetup groups swelled in numbers. It’s a bit overwhelming, since the scheduled meetups are full capacity. I then took on a third meetup for small business owners, and that has over 100 members. I’ll have to be careful not to get too carried away with my time.

One of my goals is about making my business a success, so I’m joining business groups in the area. This month I have two meetings to attend, one being a workshop.


 I’m experimenting with a Silhouette die cut machine, and made myself this vinyl sticker for my laptop.  I think I might make a quote about writing, or put my business logo on it or something.

What I haven’t been doing much is writing. Yeah. I know. Bad, bad writer! I found creative writing difficult to get into for some reason. Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep, I’m stressed, or I let that evil inner editor get to me. Or maybe I should devote more time to the non-fiction writing instead.

So I wanted to touch base with this blog- to put it out there what I’ve been up to, and hopefully to get myself back on track by next week. I swear I will update on a schedule, to post regularly.

Pinky promise.

And here’s a small offering of something I found on the web- such a lovely story idea from a 5th grader. This, my friends, illustrates a true mark of a writer- the ability to see beyond the obvious.

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Games for Writers

writerfun Here are a few games you might enjoy that helps writers come up with ideas, to break the writer’s block issues, and should spark some creative juices;

The Storymatic includes two sets of cards that when put together randomly sparks potential stories and ideas. You could also collect your own and start your own deck of cards to build ideas.


Rory’s Story Cubes comes in various types from adult to even children’s versions. The concept is similar, except the dice rolled include pictures. You can lay them out in a plot, or use the cubes as the elements of a story such as characters, theme, conflict, and so forth.


The Amazing Story Generator is not so much a game but does something similar as the story cubes. Instead of pictures or cubes, you get a flip book broken up into three sections to randomly pick elements of a story. 

You could also use the card game Munchkin to provoke ideas for storytelling, in particular, fantasy, role playing type stories.  Draw cards to add characters or story elements.


Iphone, Android, and tablet apps also offer some fun prompts. I use Writing Prompts for the Iphone to randomly view prompts, scenes, even pictures. You can then save to favorites.  You can also add your own prompts as inspiration hits you.

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