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Neologisms- Creating, evolving language

neogolism2Neologism (noun) means to create new words or expressions, or give new meaning to existing words and expressions.

As word crafters, we are allowed to create all kinds of words or phrases. Such verbs, nouns, and even phrases can give birth to new meanings. Perhaps someday, those words can become part of our modern day language.

JK Rowling created Muggle and Quidditch.

Lewis Carrol create chortle.

Sir Thomas More created Utopia.

Stephan Colbert create truthiness.

Donald Trump created bigly.

And a host of words were created by the Internet: Troll, meme, and friending are all invented words we’ve adapted to our language.

Prompt: Pick a random word. For example, pick the first noun or verb on page 10 of a book near you. Now create a new meaning of that word, and use it in a sentence, paragraph, or even a story.

What words have you created? Do you have words or phrases within your family and friends that has new or different meaning? Add in comments.

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Doublespeak vs vocab expansion


Words have power. They can hurt or inspire. They impress and deter. Words create the foundation of civilization, of religion, and touch upon our expression to the world.

In George Orwell’s 1984, the story mentions ‘doublespeak’ or more specific ‘doublethink’, where the government obscured certain ideas and concepts. I interpreted this as a deliberate means to prevent people from even thinking about certain concepts, because they wouldn’t have a means to talk about them.

That’s fiction. However, there are words and phrases that we don’t have to describe certain things;


Scottish – The act of hesitating while introducing someone because you’ve forgotten their name


German- the pleasure derived from someone else’s pain

Glas wen

A smile that is insincere or mocking. Literally, a blue smile.

This doesn’t even cover the myriad of expression people create on their own. My own family invented a number of expressions;

Rusty Spaghetti’– Named after my dog Rusty when she would try to grab cooked spaghetti thrown at her. It means being unable to make decisions, or having too many decision that you end up doing nothing.

What words do you know that are unique that describe concepts? Post in comments.

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