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Writer Wednesday: 10 Famous Authors Who Remind Us That Great Writers Can Also Be Decent Human Beings

I really enjoyed reading the blurbs on these 10 famous authors and the impact she shared with humanity. The article by Huffington Post, entitled 10 Famous Authors Who Remind Us That Great Writers Can Also Be Decent Human Beings, shares some lovely ways to give back the world.

Of course, there are more authors out there who do good works. If you know of them, post in comments.



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Writer Wednesday: Simon Haynes


I’ve mentioned Simon Haynes web site before, but for his very handy (and free) programs he shares on the site. He’s also an author of the Spacejock series. Blending sci-fi with humor, the stories follow Hal Spacejock and his adventures.

The first book is free. The remaining books are affordable and continue with the character’s adventures.

Some programs I’ve used include yWriter (free novel writing software), and yLaunch (a small program that lets you click one button to start a number of programs). They work exactly as described and his other programs offer the same usefulness.

Check him out.

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Writer Wednesday: Becomingawriterblog.com

becomingawriterblogI found this site the other day, and felt its streamlined, straight-forward style refreshing.  The author, Angela Greenfield, offers posts on so many writing topics, including prompts.

She covers such topics for fiction writing as character development, inspiration, and dialogue, but also includes a category for non-fiction as well.

I think she needs to add more in the way of posts, of course, but the site is easy to navigate and get where you want to go.

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Writer Wednesday: The Write Turn


I have enough trouble figuring out left from right, east to west, but The Write Turn certainly provides helpful information in which direction to go as a writer of short story fiction.

You see what I did there? Using a play on words…yeah, whatever…

It’s a streamlined site, easy to navigate, and includes pages on ‘how to’, story idea, writing exercises, publishing, the writing life, and competitions. The Write Turn offers tons of basic information on writing, offering plenty of reading material as well as exercises and food for thought.

Planning a short story

5 Basic Ways to Self-publish a Book

How to Write Using Writing Rituals (I needed this one)

That’s just a few of the posts you can find there. The author also offers a free book of writing prompts if you sign up for updates.

If you know of any bloggers, vloggers, authors, or other writers, post in comments or email so I can share on my Wednesday posts. Winking smile


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