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Writing Motivation: Who will be next?

I really enjoyed this video, where it touches upon not just writing, not just writer’s block, but the raw emotions that writers endure. Even more beautiful is how the video illustrates this through scenes from movies (many about authors) to show you, not just tell you, the pain, joy, and adventure that writing is all about.


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Children’s Books

One of my fondest memories reminisces to moments I read books to my son. I’d come home in time to read bed time stories, or spend afternoons sharing the pages with him. We read Little Critter books, to nature themed picture books, to the classics of fairy tales and folklore.

Sometimes I’d change the characters around, to keep my son his toes (or make him laugh). Once the Three Little Pigs became the Three Little Aardvarks living in houses made from food, with a pig that would eat the houses instead of blow them down.

So lately, I’ve considered extending my writing into the genre of children’s books. I’m compiling ideas, considering graphics, and weighing the time away from other writing to explore this.

I’m sharing some things I found that I think will help, and might help others do the same.

Bruce Jones- author of Mandela Happiness 2, and other books. Check out his video How to Make a Children’s Book in PowerPoint.   Check out his channel. He has tons of tutorials on the subject of publishing children’s books.


This video how to use by Olivia Bright, author of Becoming Lady Beth, shows you how to use the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator program. Creating Picture Book Tutorial 3: Amazon Kids’ Book Creator.

(Download page) Kindle Kid’s Book Creator


Do you write in the Children’s Book genre? Considering doing so? Post answer in comments (feel free to post links to your blog/books).

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