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A neat idea! Story time YouTube

I discovered this channel on YouTube entitled Scary Fairy Godmother. Coincidently, my writer’s group recently released a fairy tale anthology, but this video channel shows an unique medium to sharing stories- video story telling.

Here is an example: One TRUE Encounter with REAL Fairies….

The YouTuber reads stories with added sound and music, which adds to the atmosphere of storytelling. It reminds me of the times where my father told stories while camping, without a soundtrack.

As writers/authors, you might want to consider adding your own video channel, sharing pieces of your writing as a form of storytelling. You could read a scene from your book, or share one of your short stories.

I’m thinking of doing this myself, telling the stories of my childhood of weird encounters, dreams, or other tales I experienced.

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Weird Al Yankovic- Word Crimes

My sister suggested this video when I mentioned the frustrations of grammar and punctuation, and thought it worthy of sharing to my fellow writers:

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Mental Floss: Hank green talks ‘charming facts about children’s author’

 Hank Green, bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars, also hosts Mental Floss on Youtube. Here, he discusses some very cool facts about children authors.


Your welcome;

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Top 10 Things I Learned About Writing (includes video)

learnedwritingI’ve been working on this April Daily Vlog Challenge I put to myself, to vlog every day. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to talk about just one subject, but I decided to pick a few days out of each week to talk about writing.

The video “Top 10 Things I Learned About Writing” includes that which I discovered as truths to the writing process.

They are;

  1. Doubt is part of the writing process.
  2. You don’t need to start at the very beginning of a novel.
  3. Good spelling, grammar, and punctuation are the tools of our trade- don’t underestimate them!
  4. Learn the writing rules to better understand when and where you can break them.
  5. Feedback is essential to the writing process.
  6. There is no secret (no special trick) to writing.
  7. Rejection is a part of the publishing process.
  8. Self publishing is quickly losing its stigma as a publishing cheat.
  9. Different genres of writing often have different rules.
  10. Final drafts are crap (and should you shouldn’t expect them to be perfect)

In the video, I go over a bit more depth over each, but bear in mind that I’m still getting used to the vlogging medium, and a bit nervous still about presenting myself. I’d appreciate ideas, comments, feedback (constructive), and hope you enjoy the video.


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