Researching death

Sometimes doing research leads me down the rabbit hole of strange and interesting. I was curious on the decomposition of a body (for writing of course!) and came across Ask a Mortician. Caitlin Doughty is author, blogger, and YouTuber who promotes ‘death acceptance’. But what I find engaging is her videos on death. She talks …


A neat idea! Story time YouTube

I discovered this channel on YouTube entitled Scary Fairy Godmother. Coincidently, my writer’s group recently released a fairy tale anthology, but this video channel shows an unique medium to sharing stories- video story telling. Here is an example: One TRUE Encounter with REAL Fairies…. The YouTuber reads stories with added sound and music, which adds …

Mental Floss: Hank green talks ‘charming facts about children’s author’

 Hank Green, bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars, also hosts Mental Floss on Youtube. Here, he discusses some very cool facts about children authors.   Your welcome; Technorati Tags: hank green,fault in our stars,children book authors,mental floss,writing,a writer's journey,frootbat31,sharon poffinberger