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A neat idea! Story time YouTube

I discovered this channel on YouTube entitled Scary Fairy Godmother. Coincidently, my writer’s group recently released a fairy tale anthology, but this video channel shows an unique medium to sharing stories- video story telling.

Here is an example: One TRUE Encounter with REAL Fairies….

The YouTuber reads stories with added sound and music, which adds to the atmosphere of storytelling. It reminds me of the times where my father told stories while camping, without a soundtrack.

As writers/authors, you might want to consider adding your own video channel, sharing pieces of your writing as a form of storytelling. You could read a scene from your book, or share one of your short stories.

I’m thinking of doing this myself, telling the stories of my childhood of weird encounters, dreams, or other tales I experienced.


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Finding personalities

adventurer01-001I like having characters strikingly different in my stories, where certain qualities make the characters stand out in the crowd. Here are a few tips I use;

Use astrology. Each astrological sign includes a profile of personality you can choose from, such as the indecisive Libra (so much like me), or the temper-ridden Taurus. Even Chinese astrology creates pre-made personalities, and even how the personalities mix with one another.

winnie2Use people you know. Every person consists of unique personalities that makes them one-of-a-kind. Pick a few qualities that stand out, from appearances such as the bushy brows or thin lips, to the distinct profiles of temperament, skills, and even hobbies.

Use historical figures. Change a few things around to make them your own characters, but consider such vibrant people such as King Henry VIII or Catherine the Great.

Use personality tests. These can often be fun to figure out where you are with being labeled. Go through such tests and change the answers to see what type of personalities you can come up with.

What do you do to make up characters? Imagination only? Influences from Life? Post in comments.

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