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A neat idea! Story time YouTube

I discovered this channel on YouTube entitled Scary Fairy Godmother. Coincidently, my writer’s group recently released a fairy tale anthology, but this video channel shows an unique medium to sharing stories- video story telling.

Here is an example: One TRUE Encounter with REAL Fairies….

The YouTuber reads stories with added sound and music, which adds to the atmosphere of storytelling. It reminds me of the times where my father told stories while camping, without a soundtrack.

As writers/authors, you might want to consider adding your own video channel, sharing pieces of your writing as a form of storytelling. You could read a scene from your book, or share one of your short stories.

I’m thinking of doing this myself, telling the stories of my childhood of weird encounters, dreams, or other tales I experienced.


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NaNoWriMo and Published Anthology


I’m not doing the NaNoWriMo this month, but I am working on 1000 words a day as a personal challenge, focusing on fiction writing.  I can choose any of the projects, providing its fiction. I feel its perfectly acceptable to create your own challenge, if it gets you to write.

The National Novel Writing Month spurs authors to complete a novel of 50,000 in thirty days. I think its also pertinent to note here that writing furiously for a month also strips a writer to the bare bones of his or her skill, kind of like boot camp. You push yourself beyond what is enjoyable to ‘work’, and even misery at times. In the end, you learn something of yourself and more importantly, the process of writing.

I did it once- which was enough for me. I’m content this year to spend time focused on fiction writing, and following the general rules, but a more forgiving since I have work and a teenage son to homeschool.

I also compiled another anthology from my writer’s group. This year, we selected Horror for our theme.

Our cover for the Horror Anthologyincludes my cat, Max, who often joins our writing meetings by laying across notebooks and handouts. He often picks the members who are allergic to cats, and gets lot of pets and affection. I asked members what they thought, and many agreed, Max would be on the cover this year.

Last year’s Writers Anthology: 2013 included all genres (which made it difficult to publish into a category).  This includes poetry, one of my short stories, and more choices. For this week, the Kindle version is free.

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Author Photo

You’ve seen ‘em; the professionally done photo of an author that makes them look intelligent, even competent as a published author. Then I found this-

So I suppose this photo won’t work as my author photo:


Or this


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Curious video on copyright

I viewed this YouTube video on copyright, and found it quite surprising in light of copyright, piracy, and marketing via the Web.

Giving a story or poem for free doesn’t mean you ‘lose’ as much as gain marketing for your writing and other work.

Make sure you have a web site people can find you and your other work. This could be a blog or web site. I don’t recommend using a Facebook page as your site, however, because its difficult to navigate to the information you’re looking for. Link your Facebook to your blog and site instead.

Make it easy to share and get your stuff viral. Add the buttons so visitors can share on Facebook, Linkedin, Digg, Twitter, and other site. Most blogs offer a widget to add this feature. Also make sure you have a graphic so people can ‘pin’ your site or post to Pinterest. They won’t pin without a graphic.

Ask for viewers to review your work. This can be harrowing, if you get a bad review, but a good review is worth its weight in gold. Another good reason to offer free reading of your fiction, non fiction or poems.

What are your thoughts? Free or not? Post in comments.


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