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Blog Prompt for May 2017

I will be posting regular blog prompts for those who enjoy writing but find it difficult to come up with something to write about for their blog.

I haven’t decided to do this weekly or monthly, so for now, it will be monthly and we will see how many participate, how this idea is received.

MayPrompt 2017

My answer:

For myself, my choice of drink depends on when I’m writing. If in the morning or through the day, I drink coffee with sugar-free Hazelnut creamer.

If at night, I sip a mix of Rum, diet seven up, with a splash of V8 splash juice added. It tastes like punch…but has a punch. Get it? I call it- Splish Splash.

I write better at night, with alcohol, because it quiets the inner editor and the muse delights in having a party.

Winking smile

If you wrote about this prompt, add a link back to your post in comments below, or just add a comment with a link back to your blog.

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Odds and ends of inspiration

keyboardThe other day, my son asked me what I was doing. This is his ‘lead-in’ to asking me to do something for him. I admit, I decided to show off, (and deter him from asking) explaining exactly what I was doing-

Me: “Well, I was reading up on Vimana, the flying temples from the Sanskrit Epics of India”

My son: What?

Me: Well I’m not exactly sure how I found this article, its inspired me to make a story about it.

I see a little light spark in his eyes, his realization that yes, his mother is a storyteller and has a wild imagination. I shared with him the ghost stories I happened upon. I also showed him the odds and ends I found that day-

Here is the Potoo Bird from the New World, who are in the same Family as Nightjars and Frogmouths. Aside from the goofy appearance, it illustrates one of the better forms of camouflage by sitting on a branch and appearing as a branch. I’m not sure if I’ll include this into a story, but the bizarre eyes really caught my attention. Maybe it will inspire an alien or character.

This graphic I found in a search for Halloween decorations, and I started to think how it could inspire a story. Would the glasses be found, and no body of the victim? Could the injury spark a story for a character? Oh the possibilities!


And then I found this; a prompt about your characters discuss you. It was fun considering I have a number of stories ‘in the works’, and so the tone and attitude changed depending on which characters. The site offers lots of neat prompts.

Keep track of how you find your inspiration, and feel free to share in comments some of the more unique ways you’ve found your spark of creativity.

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Down the rabbit hole..into creepiness

spellworkI spent too much time on Pinterest today, too caught up on boards listed as ‘creepy’. Why, you ask? Well, my only excuse is it started innocently looking up Halloween decorations. Next thing I know, I’m drawn into bizarre stories, ghost sightings, monsters, deformities, and just the downright bizarre.

Once done, and I got off the computer, I felt very unsettled. But think-! All the potential stories there!

This story hints at cults, secrecy, murder, and possible human sacrifice.

This story shows the classic horror tale of man versus victims killed off by a madman.

And one of the strangest stories bears no real explanation what happened to the poor hikers of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. I know a movie was made from it, and it implied strange reasons to the deaths.

I couldn’t help but try to piece my own story based on these stories on things like motivation, causes of deaths, and possible endings.

Even the ghost photos, which I knew were fakes, offered so much storytelling. I don’t even consider myself a horror writing, but oh…the possibilities!

Where you do find inspiration? Post in comments.


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Games for Writers

writerfun Here are a few games you might enjoy that helps writers come up with ideas, to break the writer’s block issues, and should spark some creative juices;

The Storymatic includes two sets of cards that when put together randomly sparks potential stories and ideas. You could also collect your own and start your own deck of cards to build ideas.


Rory’s Story Cubes comes in various types from adult to even children’s versions. The concept is similar, except the dice rolled include pictures. You can lay them out in a plot, or use the cubes as the elements of a story such as characters, theme, conflict, and so forth.


The Amazing Story Generator is not so much a game but does something similar as the story cubes. Instead of pictures or cubes, you get a flip book broken up into three sections to randomly pick elements of a story. 

You could also use the card game Munchkin to provoke ideas for storytelling, in particular, fantasy, role playing type stories.  Draw cards to add characters or story elements.


Iphone, Android, and tablet apps also offer some fun prompts. I use Writing Prompts for the Iphone to randomly view prompts, scenes, even pictures. You can then save to favorites.  You can also add your own prompts as inspiration hits you.

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