Don’t forget to check my Programs page!

I’m not sure if many readers know I have a page dedicated to various programs for writers. If you have programs you think I should add, please post in comments below.   WordPress Tags: programs, writing, publishing, novel, fiction, non-fiction, editor, author


Writer Tools

Here is my compilation of tools to help writers write: Write or Die- This online site provides a tool to provoke you to write in ‘freewriting’. Settings include word count, time, but the fun part is consequences. You can choose between spiders, grumpy cat, and a few others. Alarms include alarming and cacophony. Chapter-by-Chapter is …

Sitting versus running (from Zombies)

I spend a lot of time on the computer. I’m self employed with my business,, so I spent time working on web sites, templates, consulting, and sometimes computer repair (remotely). I also work on graphics, web design, blogging, and writing. This means a lot of sitting. There are studies on the dangers of sitting …