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Google Drive for Writers

driveforwritersToday I want to share with you some elements of the free Google service known as Drive. This is something like a cloud drive (you can backup files) but also an online program suite. I will be discussing mostly the Docs features.

Google Drive includes:

Docs– This is an online word processor that is compatible with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and even Microsoft Works.

Sheets– A spreadsheet compatible with Office, Open office, and Works.

Slides – A presentation service that easily integrates into web sites or shared with others. Compatible to open files from Office and OpenOffice.

Forms – A service to create and compile information from forms. Includes easy to use templates, click and build features, and saves data to the drive for access later.

Drawing– This includes an online service to create or edit graphics. Saves as PDF, JPG, SVG, and PNG.


Google Docs works similar to most word processors, including formatting, templates, and printing. You can open and save, change file formats, and share/collaborate with others online. This also includes revision history. (Saved my butt when I ‘lost’ an entire chapter of a book I was writing).

You can also add ‘add-ons’ which improves function;

Table of Contents – Creates a table of contents that runs as a sidebar.

EasyBib- Bibliography creator

Speech Recognition- So you can talk instead of typing. This works great for those who have issues with typing for long periods of time.

Mind mapping- This is a great tool to plot stories or brainstorm ideas.

ProWritingAid- This is not free, but as an add on that works in the Docs. It corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Screenplay formatter- For the script writers out there, this add on helps with formatting your doc.

Saves in these formats:

DOCX – Document Microsoft Word file

ODT – OpenOffice Document Text file

RTF – Rich Text Format, works with any word processor

PDF- Portable Document Format, used for downloading files and eBooks

TXT – Text. Very simple with very little formatting but can be read by every word processor.

HTML/ZIP – Hypertext Markup Language is what web sites are built. Often used to upload to publish books.

EPUB – EBook file format that can be read by tablets and smart phones. This is new and is an industry standard.

Google drive can also

Cloud Storage– Back up photos, documents, etc. to your cloud drive. This includes 15 GB free, and you can pay $1.99 monthly for 100 more GB.

Collaborate with others–  Not only can you share files with others, they can view or even edit them. You can also share LIVE with others. Some authors now share their writing in real time for fans to check out their process. Share via email or link on your blog. You can even embed files too

Share anywhere– Google Drive works on PC, Mac, smart phone, and tablets.

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Writer Technical Difficulties


My son’s laptop decided to crap out on him and being the computer geek of the family, I was the one to fix it. The issues was that the PC refused to load to windows.

I attempted to use a repair disk. That didn’t work.

Tried Safe Mode. That didn’t work. (You enter Safe Mode by tapping F8 when the computer starts up).

I tried formatting and restoring, but the boot disk caused some error about the DVD driver couldn’t recognize it.

How to create a Windows Boot disk.

I tried booting from the USB. That didn’t work.

Unfortunately, it proved a bit too much so after two days of trial and error, I gave in and took it to our local PC shop. (www.potomaccomputers.net) The guy is really nice and let me hang around to talk computers, and he took my business cards in case anyone needed help with learning about computers. My business is www.learnthepc.net.

Save your work to a cloud drive or USB/Flash drive, and save regularly. I prefer Dropbox as it syncs regularly and the folder works like any other folder on my computer. This will then sync to my iPhone and tablet, which also connects to the dropbox.

Check your local area for computer shops that fix computers at reasonable prices. Some of them even provide ‘loaners’, and even sell inexpensive computers. Check reviews, and ask friends and family who they recommend.

Don’t let a technical difficulty prevent you from writing. In my case, I was the one trying to fix the computer,  but if I didn’t make the attempt, I could always use a notebook and pen.

Keep writing, and appease the computer gods. Winking smile

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