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Link: NaNoWriMo Bullet Journal

Linkshare- NaNoWriMo Bullet Journal

National Novel Writing Month is closing in fast, so I wanted to share links and resources for my fellow writers that will endure the NaNoWriMo.

Keeping a journal not only helps keep you on track, but it turns into a resource book to keep on hand at your desk. Boho Berry provides some nice tips, showing you some of her pages, and many can be worked at any time of the year, not just November.

Her channel provides many tips for planners, so if you want to get into bullet journaling and planners, this is good resource.

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Link share: Book promotion checklist


Once publishing your work, you’ll need to know how to market. I’m finding that somewhat of a handful, but this web site’s page, Book Promotion Checklist, definitely helps.

Don’t forget to bookmark for later.

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Marketing Tips to Share

WWWmarketingI realized, the other day, that many tips offered in the form of marketing such as ‘get a Facebook page’ or ‘use Twitter’ forget to tell you that both Facebook and Twitter also require marketing. In fact, many ideas seem to include getting out there in the World Wide Web, but if you do, you should understand a few things;

There are tons more tips, which I will add in future posts. I think marketing also requires engaging posts, and the audience who shares, so if enjoy my posts, please let others know!

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