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Publishing through many outlets


I came across this interesting article on publishing with the various on-demand publishing sites. Don’t forget to bookmark the page since it lists some great sites to look into publishing.

The author makes a good point to spread out over many publishing outlets, but bear in mind that for Amazon ‘s KDP Select program, you may not be able to join other sites under their terms of service. You can publish elsewhere if you’re an Amazon author, but not if you are a member of the KDP select service.

Also bear in mind that you may need to re-format your manuscript for each service you choose. Some authors find that a daunting task since the mundane chore of formatting correcting can be frustrating for one, let alone multiple styles.

I would suggest looking into the various sites to see if they offer better pricing, distribution, or marketing features.


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Writing journeys; downs and ups


My personal NaNoWriMo challenge isn’t working out as well as I hoped. I don’t reach my word count, but I find I’m still writing more fiction than I have in the past.

I even adjusted the challenge- 500 words of fiction and 500 of non-fiction, since I have a non-fiction eBook idea that keeps nagging at me.

Either way, I’m writing more towards my goal than before, and anything is better than nothing. After all- 250 words is a page in a paperback. (if in Courier font). Specifically, it is .7 of a page. Five hundred words make 1.4 pages.

CaptureWant to know how to calculate it? Use this link to Words to Pages. Its an online calculator where you add the word count, and font, and it calculates the number of pages. It’s free!

I got my first considerable check from Amazon the other day. I realized when I got it that it includes all book purchases on my Amazon account. Its not all ‘my’ money, however. The funds are primarily from the anthologies, so they go towards the meetup group.

I got about $25, and that doesn’t count the print-on-demand via Createspace. I haven’t earned enough yet from there. Its not a lot, but will help in paying the Organizer dues at Meetup.com, food, and printing fees.

I also get a small sum from blog subscriptions via Kindle Publishing for Blogs. Since I blog anyway, it doesn’t hurt to get a bit extra money. (less than $2 monthly) Unfortunately, where my blog subscription is posted doesn’t list my name, nor does it show other blogs I’ve added.

A Writer’s Journey Blog

Moon and Shadow


I’m hoping to post my personal blog, just in case someone might find it fun to read.  I write about writing, blogging, crafts, photography, funny things my family said/did, my pets, and I share resources, tips, and links, too.

There’s no cost either, although you need approval, and you just need to know your blog RSS feed. I use a site called Feedburner to list mine, and get an RSS feed from there.

If you have a blog about writing, link in comments. I’d love to see it.

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Into the Shade- Free until April 26

Interested in reading a short story? My Amazon Kindle short, Into the Shade , is now on sale for free. I’m using the KDP program Amazon offers their authors, and so far, I do see a significant spike in readers.

Why free? Whether your book gets pirated or given away, you want those readers. You want feedback/reviews. You want your name and the title out there in the Web being read, shared, and talked about. This bumps you up in lists on Amazon, promotes the book so others will want to order it even if there’s cost, and also markets your other books you published, as well.

And I’d love it if you’d read and leave me some feedback.

Jennifer wanted to join the ‘2012, End of the Year’ party with her friend, only to find herself caught in a strange world of darkness,monstrous creatures, and reality wreaking falling apart. How does she survive? Most importantly, how does she go home?

And don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle- You can use the free Kindle app Amazon offers. And its FREE! (I have it on my laptop, tablet, and my iPhone). It shares your Kindle library, and you can import PDF file documents as well. This is also for Android, iPad, Mac, and Blackberry.

This is only until April 26, 2014!

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Amazon’s KDP experiment

kdpI signed up with my short story to the KDP Select (Kindle Direct Publishing) published via Amazon Kindle Singles for the experiment to see if this program will help market or earn me more exposure. I found this following articles on the topic:

Is KDP Select Salvation or Damnation for Indie Authors? The author provides some insight on the pros and cons of using KDP.

Amazon: To KDP Select, Or Not? The author shares her experiences, and shares even the number of sales to her experience. Very helpful.

Make the KDP Select  Program Work For You. An excellent post that includes the author’s experience but also some great advice on marketing.

How KDP Select Saved My Book. Another author’s experience with KDP Select. I also like how he shares his thoughts on how things work, and his efforts to market (and results). Very helpful.

I’ll post my own experiences in future posts.

Add your experiences or opinion of this service in comments below. You can also post a blog and post the link in the comments.


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