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Online Author Platform

Building an online platform is basically your online precise as an author. Agents and publishers will look you up on the Internet, and you must consider what impression you present as an authority and your following.

The challenging I found was to find branding for myself. As a flake creative person, I tend to want too many things, change things too much, and scatter myself too thin online. I try too many hats, as it were. This leaves me muddled and ineffective with goals

This year, I’m learning to focus (which is a Herculean endeavor) to brand myself as a writer, graphic artist, and web designer.

I hope the following links will help others to streamline their author platform building;

The 6 Components of an Online Author Platform

This is an excerpt of a lengthier tutorial on components of an online author platform. Even the 4 minutes or so provides some insight, and gives you a taste of what the full tutorial offers. ($16.99 for this video tutorial or $16.58 to subscribe per month to all Writer’s Digest library of tutorials)

Or view this Google Hangout (1 hr. long) discussing the Author Platform. (free)

author platform

What do you find the most challenging in building your author platform? Do you have a website? Blog? Social sites? Do you find them effective? Post in comments your thoughts.


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Productivity Hack Gone Awry

lifehacker I found this well-intentioned article on Lifehacker.com that gives some tips of having a more productive day; Spend the first 30 minutes of the day reading news and email, and make a checklist for the day.

Okay, so this might work for some people, but for me, I find reading news takes longer than 30 minutes, and has nothing to do with being productive in my day. Neither is checking email. It only takes me a few minutes anyway, but it’s sites like Facebook and Pinterest that snatches away hours of my time.

So here are my tips to offer to the Internet;

Get the worst thing done first. Once its out of the way, the rest of your ‘to do’ list will be easy.

Plan the night before what you’ll do the next day. The article suggests planning that morning; I say plan the night before if not the week before. I often plan on Sunday for the week ahead, so that saves me oodles of time. All I have to do is check my list to see what to expect in appointments, chores, writing assignments, and anything else I find important. I sometimes include word counts for each day.

Don’t find motivation, just get it done. You don’t need motivation as much as resolve in getting it done.  If you put it on your ‘to do’ list, you must have deemed the task important enough to just get it done.

Get up a little earlier in the morning. If you can’t find the time in the morning to get everything done, get to bed earlier to waken earlier, and get it done then.

Although I agree that getting things done first and foremost in the morning hours works best, being productive means getting it all out of the way first thing.

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