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Thoughts on Editing for Self Published Authors

Within my writer’s group, we discuss methods of editing for self-published authors. This is a challenge for those wishing to keep costs low, but there are a few things I can offer to help in the process:

Understand the different types of editing. Not all editors are the same.

Learn how to edit. You must remember, as a writing, words, sentences, paragraphs, storylines, character development…all are considered your craft. If you don’t’ know it- learn it. With the Internet, you can find plenty of resources to master the craft of writing, so take some courses, write, write some more, read, read some more, and understand that the process can take a while, but worth it.



Use programs. Although programs are stupid, you can still catch some errors, misspellings, and punctuation issues. It won’t catch homonyms. For instance, conscious or conscience sound similar but used in sentences to mean different things. But programs can help catch things like finding passive voice, weak verbs, punctuation, and other elements of crafting a story.




Find an editor you can afford. I would suggest looking at colleges for English Majors who want more practice with editing, or check sites like Fiverr.com to hire someone to look at your manuscript. Other options include asking other self-published authors if they found an editor, and check how much for cost and is it worth it?


Writers Beware!

Warning signs you’re being scammed.

TheCreativePenn list of editors (check reviews and costs)

If you have any suggestions or have your own experiences you’d like to share, please post in comments.


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Weird Al Yankovic- Word Crimes

My sister suggested this video when I mentioned the frustrations of grammar and punctuation, and thought it worthy of sharing to my fellow writers:

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John Green- 42 Idioms

johngreenJohn Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars , hosts a show called Mental Floss. This episode covers 41 Idioms (and their origins). Its very entertaining, to find the use the figure of speech which is not literal.


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green



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Writer Wednesday: Writing Forward


Writing Forward provides tons of useful information and resources for the new and experienced writer.

At this site you can find writing exercises, ideas, resources, and a section on publishing as well as grammar tips.

Some posts:

Introduction to Getting Published

Tips for Critiquing Others

Proofreading and Editing Tips for Writers

Don’t forget to bookmark it!


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