Thoughts on Editing for Self Published Authors

Within my writer’s group, we discuss methods of editing for self-published authors. This is a challenge for those wishing to keep costs low, but there are a few things I can offer to help in the process: Understand the different types of editing. Not all editors are the same. Learn how to edit. You must …


Don’t forget to check my Programs page!

I’m not sure if many readers know I have a page dedicated to various programs for writers. If you have programs you think I should add, please post in comments below.   WordPress Tags: programs, writing, publishing, novel, fiction, non-fiction, editor, author

“Writing dialog.” she said.

With any story telling, the dialog offers a writer a few tricks in plotting; Dialog can speed up or slow down the plot. This depends on the type of dialog you write, such as lengthy talking points a character shares with another character. They tell a story in the story. Speeding up can be quick, …