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Published our fourth anthology

Anthology cover 2016


My writer’s group publishes an anthology of our writing each year. Members submit, then I take their stories and assemble the book, design the cover, and upload to Createspace and Amazon Kindle Publishing.

The steps to publish an anthology is as follows;

  1. Edit and revise your stories so that it is the best it can be. As editor, this often means I go through to remove indents, line spacing, spellcheck, and run through punctuation. I then make sure the Title is formatted to HEADER 1, and the author’s name is HEADER 2.
  2. I add pages: Page Numbers. Title page that includes all authors. Copyright page for the book and include book cover design copyright as well. Book dedication page, which often is to the authors who submit, my writer’s group in general, and all would-be authors out there. TABLE OF CONTENTS- This gets added when I add all stories into a single document. This is where the HEADER settings are added into the TABLE OF CONTENTS field. I double check its layout and if its correct.
  3. I revise again for formatting issues.
  4. I download a pre-formatted file from Createspace that includes the gutter (that’s the book seam of a printed book) and margins. I cut/paste the book, then go through the document to check for formatting again.
  5. I send this out to all writers to check their bio page and story, and if they want, they can also check the rest of the book. It is always a good idea to get fresh eyes on the manuscript.
  6. I make revisions again.
  7. I work on book design while authors check the manuscript. Once I get their feedback, I put everything together and upload to Createspace.
  8. I often have to make more revisions if it doesn’t look correct under the online revision screen. This generally includes how the pages look in the book format.
  9. If it looks good, then I click ok, choose ‘channels, which includes book stores or online stores that might want to order the book, libraries, and of course Amazon and Createspace stores online.
  10. I adjust price. I generally keep this as low as possible since the anthology is meant to get the writers some exposure.
  11. Add the eBook version. I have to go through a similar process to get the eBook version up, editing the book cover as well. What I find frustrating is that Amazon and Createspace doesn’t play so well together and you can end up with two listings of the printed version and the eBook version.
  12. I then announce to group and hooray– we have another book released.

Printed anthology 2016

EBook version of anthology 2016

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Word Processing: 10 Cool Keyboard Tricks


While editing a manuscript, I found a need to make the process faster with the use of hotkey (keyboard shortcuts), wildcards, and some keyboard tricks to get things done.

These work only in MS Word.

Doing this

Does this

Pressing the dash key 3x will create a horizontal line in your document

== =

Pressing the equal key 3x creates a double line in your document

Ctrl   H

Opens the Find/Replace feature.

Ctrl  E

Aligns text and graphics to center


Type this in your document creates random text if you ever need to add random text.



Using Find/Replace, put ^p^p in Find and ^p and this removes manual spaces between paragraphs

Ctrl  SHIFT  m

Inserts a comment where you put your cursor in the document.


Pressing these two keys open the built in Thesaurus. You can often find synonyms by RIGHT-CLICKING over a word. You will choices of words to use.


The mouse

Clicking a word twice will highlight the word. Click three times, and you select the entire paragraph.


Find these useful? Share with your friends, subscribe, or leave a comment to let me know. If you have any questions or ideas you’d like me to post a blog about, leave me a note.

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BetterEditor.org Link


I wanted to share this resource today because you can never have too many writer resources at your fingertips.

BetterEditor.org offers style guides, dictionaries, and references such as geography, languages, and quotations.

You can also find some basic books to order, but I also found some online (free) versions as well;

Chicago Manual of Style

APA Style

APS Style

10 more free online style guides in English.

If you found this helpful, please share, comment, and ‘like’. Thanks.

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Writers- Do not use Tab indent!

indent01As I am compiling this anthology, I’ve come to realize that many writers take for granted the little thing we call formatting; they automatically double space, two spaces between sentences, or they add 5 space indents manually.

What I mean by manually is that you use the TAB button each time you indent a new paragraph.

Why is this an issue? Simple- it’s a nightmare for editors to format consistency in an anthology when submissions vary their formatting, and changing those formats can be a nightmare when anything is done manually.

indentIf you indent with the TAB button each time, that means someone like me must go through the entire document, changing the indents to fit the guidelines, when MS Word provides a paragraph format tool to change indents automatically for the entire document.

I also now realize the importance of following guidelines. I tried to be basic, but still find myself having to adjust and re-format the documents sent to me.

Some writers use a different font, double space (or single space), while others prefer the 1.25” margin rather than the 1” margin. Some prefer 5 space indents, while others use 3 space indents, while others use full block style.

This is just a short rant as I return to working on the anthology. It has grown a bit larger than I expected, with more work than I anticipated. It will, however, get done.


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