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A neat idea! Story time YouTube

I discovered this channel on YouTube entitled Scary Fairy Godmother. Coincidently, my writer’s group recently released a fairy tale anthology, but this video channel shows an unique medium to sharing stories- video story telling.

Here is an example: One TRUE Encounter with REAL Fairies….

The YouTuber reads stories with added sound and music, which adds to the atmosphere of storytelling. It reminds me of the times where my father told stories while camping, without a soundtrack.

As writers/authors, you might want to consider adding your own video channel, sharing pieces of your writing as a form of storytelling. You could read a scene from your book, or share one of your short stories.

I’m thinking of doing this myself, telling the stories of my childhood of weird encounters, dreams, or other tales I experienced.


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Published our fourth anthology

Anthology cover 2016


My writer’s group publishes an anthology of our writing each year. Members submit, then I take their stories and assemble the book, design the cover, and upload to Createspace and Amazon Kindle Publishing.

The steps to publish an anthology is as follows;

  1. Edit and revise your stories so that it is the best it can be. As editor, this often means I go through to remove indents, line spacing, spellcheck, and run through punctuation. I then make sure the Title is formatted to HEADER 1, and the author’s name is HEADER 2.
  2. I add pages: Page Numbers. Title page that includes all authors. Copyright page for the book and include book cover design copyright as well. Book dedication page, which often is to the authors who submit, my writer’s group in general, and all would-be authors out there. TABLE OF CONTENTS- This gets added when I add all stories into a single document. This is where the HEADER settings are added into the TABLE OF CONTENTS field. I double check its layout and if its correct.
  3. I revise again for formatting issues.
  4. I download a pre-formatted file from Createspace that includes the gutter (that’s the book seam of a printed book) and margins. I cut/paste the book, then go through the document to check for formatting again.
  5. I send this out to all writers to check their bio page and story, and if they want, they can also check the rest of the book. It is always a good idea to get fresh eyes on the manuscript.
  6. I make revisions again.
  7. I work on book design while authors check the manuscript. Once I get their feedback, I put everything together and upload to Createspace.
  8. I often have to make more revisions if it doesn’t look correct under the online revision screen. This generally includes how the pages look in the book format.
  9. If it looks good, then I click ok, choose ‘channels, which includes book stores or online stores that might want to order the book, libraries, and of course Amazon and Createspace stores online.
  10. I adjust price. I generally keep this as low as possible since the anthology is meant to get the writers some exposure.
  11. Add the eBook version. I have to go through a similar process to get the eBook version up, editing the book cover as well. What I find frustrating is that Amazon and Createspace doesn’t play so well together and you can end up with two listings of the printed version and the eBook version.
  12. I then announce to group and hooray– we have another book released.

Printed anthology 2016

EBook version of anthology 2016

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What I’ve been up to…

WP_20151206_09_46_35_Pro 1I am horrible about keeping up with blogging. For the longest time, I just can’t seem to muster up motivation or anything worthwhile to share. Most blogging seems to be talking to the Cosmos, with little in response, so I figured I’d post if only to share these frustrations with the Ether and anyone else who might be reading.

So what have I been doing?

I’ve been tackling the chore of cutting back on things. If you follow my personal blog, I wrote a post about finding focus and productivity. This lent to having several epiphamies that led me to quitting all Meetup groups I organized to only the writer’s group. I  also quit the Score business group, and I try to cultivate more on quality than quantity of my tasks.

Back in October, my sister bought me Fallout 4. Well, no, this isn’t productive. It is the opposite of productive, but I’m sharing to let you know how distracting Fallout 4 can be, too.

I find myself immersed into the alternative future of an Apocalyptic Boston setting, fending off mutants, ghouls, and other bad guys. There’s intriguing storylines, characters, and even developing your own character through this setting.

WP_20151209_16_04_42_Pro 1

Making hand warmers. Not a huge distraction, but, in fact, necessary for my winter survival. My hands get bitterly cold and having these on my hands make a world of difference.

They are easy to make from socks.

  1. Get a pair that feel comfortable when you slip your hand inside. They shouldn’t be too tight at writer or fingers.
  2. Cut off the toe part. This will be where your fingers go.
  3. Cut off the cuff edge. This will loosen socks so they are comfortable so this step is optional.
  4. Gauge where your thumb will be, and make a slit large enough for the thumb to fit through.
  5. Slip on hands.
  6. Be warm!

WP_20151205_13_07_05_Pro 1

Helping a fellow writer with his published book. Dale is a co-organizer with my writer’s group, and he published his new sci-fi novel, Loose Strings .

He showed me I’m in his dedication for helping with his web site and initial book cover. Winking smile

Working on the 2015 writer’s anthology. This will be volume three in our series of published anthologies my group does.

Coming soon!

The new anthology should be available before Christmas.

LPCHelping other writers with their web sites. My Learnthepc.net business includes the service of web design, but more to the point, I help web designers with their sites if they need it.

Paula Bilyeu

Peni Jo Renner



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NaNoWriMo and Published Anthology


I’m not doing the NaNoWriMo this month, but I am working on 1000 words a day as a personal challenge, focusing on fiction writing.  I can choose any of the projects, providing its fiction. I feel its perfectly acceptable to create your own challenge, if it gets you to write.

The National Novel Writing Month spurs authors to complete a novel of 50,000 in thirty days. I think its also pertinent to note here that writing furiously for a month also strips a writer to the bare bones of his or her skill, kind of like boot camp. You push yourself beyond what is enjoyable to ‘work’, and even misery at times. In the end, you learn something of yourself and more importantly, the process of writing.

I did it once- which was enough for me. I’m content this year to spend time focused on fiction writing, and following the general rules, but a more forgiving since I have work and a teenage son to homeschool.

I also compiled another anthology from my writer’s group. This year, we selected Horror for our theme.

Our cover for the Horror Anthologyincludes my cat, Max, who often joins our writing meetings by laying across notebooks and handouts. He often picks the members who are allergic to cats, and gets lot of pets and affection. I asked members what they thought, and many agreed, Max would be on the cover this year.

Last year’s Writers Anthology: 2013 included all genres (which made it difficult to publish into a category).  This includes poetry, one of my short stories, and more choices. For this week, the Kindle version is free.

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