My writing

  It is somewhat harrowing exposing one’s writing for the world to see. I continue to tell myself that most of this is already ‘out there’, and even reviewed to some extent so why worry, right?

I recently published a short story, Into the Shade, via Kindle singles through Amazon. Its self-publishing, but I’m getting my stuff out there, into the world wide web, and letting readers decide if they like my stories…or not.

My History and more writing:

I started out with fanfiction in the world of the Elderscrolls games for the PC. I highly recommend the games of Morrowind and Oblivion (and soon to come Skyrim!) if only for the wonderful lore, open world, and even books you can read in game. I played with my own version of fanfiction that you can find here;


Enduring is Fanfiction set in the Elderscrolls realm. The story is about a young Dark Elf (Dunmer) trying to survive his cruel master, and how he finds his freedom.

Challenges was actually the first of my fanfiction series, and originally started as only the first chapter being the entire story. I felt it would be interesting to write from a different view point of NOT the hero, but one of the people that helps the hero save the world.
This is one part of a series I’m working on that continues the adventures of Eiryn and Saber

Guar Adventure
A short fanfic of Saber and Eiryn as they run a short quest, but find a guar on along the way.

Pelagiad Escort
Another short fanfiction but this one from a High Elf’s (Alter) point of view of the hero.

Shades of Oblivion
A work in process. This fanfiction continues in the Oblivion realm of the Elderscrolls game series.

I then move into writing for Associated Content, which was bought out by Yahoo Contributors. I added a poem, an original short story (a vampire story), and some articles. You can find them here;

Testing Homeschoolers

Homeschooling contrasts with the public school educational system in regards to testing. Many states have no requirements for parents to conduct any tests. This led me to consider the reason to test, and should I test my own son?

Five Tips for Writing at Home

Ignore excuses and find your writing time with these handy tips.

Easy and Effective Means to Form Your Own Writer’s Group

Can’t find a writer’s group in your area? Create your own with these simple tips.

Spoofing: Tips to Avoid Having Your E-mail Stolen and Used for Spam

Ever been spoofed? This is when you suddenly receive hundreds if not thousands of e-mails complaining you are spamming.

3-Dimensional Chat Worlds: Interacting and Exploring

Three-dimensional chat allows you to talk and interact within a 3-dimensional environment with people all over the world. Games, music, movies and various 3-D worlds are there, waiting to be discovered.

Top Ten Blog Add-Ons: Add Bling to Your Online Journal

Here are 10 fantastic sites that offer graphics and generators for your blog. This guide includes a quick review and how to include these items into your online journal.

A Token of His Love: A Poem

This is a poem about marriage and abuse.

Holiday Gift Idea: Homemade Recipe Book

With the approach of the holidays, a personalized recipe book for the cook in your life makes a perfect gift.

Five Tips for Effective Timeouts that Work for Parents and Their Kids

Putting a child in timeout can be effective if done persistently.


Point of view from a vampire on the hunt, and to what he finds on a romantic night.

I’m currently working on a number of projects, one of which is a full novel I hope to publish later this year if not in 2012.

I have my own business where I teach computers at, and homeschool my son (and post my adventures at my homeschool 101 blog). Other hobbies include some crafts and graphic art.


10 Replies to “My writing”

  1. Well, it’s good to see you’re still alive. Granted, you’ve never talked to me, but I’ve read all of your fanfiction on the thing. *Grins* I thought that you’d just up and disappeared, but I suppose the spark for some forms of our writing does leave us from time to time so that we may pursue others. It’s unfortunate that you’ve not updated any of Saber and Eiryn’s stories in some time, but it’s understandable, especially considering what other things take to your life.


    1. I’ve been playing Skyrim, and considering methods to add Saber to the mix, without him being so powerful the Dragonborn has it too easy. But I’m so loving the new game in the Elderscrolls. Its so beautiful to just explore (and avoid getting eaten!).
      Thanks for the comment. The comments for the fanfiction prompted me to start my writer’s group and consider writing as more than just a hobby.


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