Don’t forget to check my Programs page!

I’m not sure if many readers know I have a page dedicated to various programs for writers. If you have programs you think I should add, please post in comments below.   WordPress Tags: programs, writing, publishing, novel, fiction, non-fiction, editor, author


Writer Tools

Here is my compilation of tools to help writers write: Write or Die- This online site provides a tool to provoke you to write in ‘freewriting’. Settings include word count, time, but the fun part is consequences. You can choose between spiders, grumpy cat, and a few others. Alarms include alarming and cacophony. Chapter-by-Chapter is …

Word Processing: 10 Cool Keyboard Tricks

While editing a manuscript, I found a need to make the process faster with the use of hotkey (keyboard shortcuts), wildcards, and some keyboard tricks to get things done. These work only in MS Word. Doing this Does this --- Pressing the dash key 3x will create a horizontal line in your document == = …