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What I’ve been up to…

WP_20151206_09_46_35_Pro 1I am horrible about keeping up with blogging. For the longest time, I just can’t seem to muster up motivation or anything worthwhile to share. Most blogging seems to be talking to the Cosmos, with little in response, so I figured I’d post if only to share these frustrations with the Ether and anyone else who might be reading.

So what have I been doing?

I’ve been tackling the chore of cutting back on things. If you follow my personal blog, I wrote a post about finding focus and productivity. This lent to having several epiphamies that led me to quitting all Meetup groups I organized to only the writer’s group. I  also quit the Score business group, and I try to cultivate more on quality than quantity of my tasks.

Back in October, my sister bought me Fallout 4. Well, no, this isn’t productive. It is the opposite of productive, but I’m sharing to let you know how distracting Fallout 4 can be, too.

I find myself immersed into the alternative future of an Apocalyptic Boston setting, fending off mutants, ghouls, and other bad guys. There’s intriguing storylines, characters, and even developing your own character through this setting.

WP_20151209_16_04_42_Pro 1

Making hand warmers. Not a huge distraction, but, in fact, necessary for my winter survival. My hands get bitterly cold and having these on my hands make a world of difference.

They are easy to make from socks.

  1. Get a pair that feel comfortable when you slip your hand inside. They shouldn’t be too tight at writer or fingers.
  2. Cut off the toe part. This will be where your fingers go.
  3. Cut off the cuff edge. This will loosen socks so they are comfortable so this step is optional.
  4. Gauge where your thumb will be, and make a slit large enough for the thumb to fit through.
  5. Slip on hands.
  6. Be warm!

WP_20151205_13_07_05_Pro 1

Helping a fellow writer with his published book. Dale is a co-organizer with my writer’s group, and he published his new sci-fi novel, Loose Strings .

He showed me I’m in his dedication for helping with his web site and initial book cover. Winking smile

Working on the 2015 writer’s anthology. This will be volume three in our series of published anthologies my group does.

Coming soon!

The new anthology should be available before Christmas.

LPCHelping other writers with their web sites. My business includes the service of web design, but more to the point, I help web designers with their sites if they need it.

Paula Bilyeu

Peni Jo Renner




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An Interview of My Short Story (from the past)

myinterviewI’m not sure if I ever mentioned I was interviewed by a fellow writer, Roxanne Crouse. I high recommend you read her short stories on Amazon. She writes in the paranormal genre.

This interview happened after the writer’s group published our short stories, after the anthology we intended to publish went bust. I encouraged members to get out there and publish the short stories, and did so myself. The interview is about the Into the Shade short I published in 2012.

Her blog, SoMuchToWriteSoLittleTime, offers author interviews, book reviews, and her own take on her writing journey. Don’t forget to subscribe to her blog, and read her stuff. Its very good stuff.

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Link share: Book promotion checklist


Once publishing your work, you’ll need to know how to market. I’m finding that somewhat of a handful, but this web site’s page, Book Promotion Checklist, definitely helps.

Don’t forget to bookmark for later.

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Wednesday Writer: SoMuchToWrite… Guest Blog


Roxanne Crouse of provides guest posts for authors to talk about their writing process. She provides posts on writing, and her own journey towards publishing, and you can find her work at her Author page on Amazon.

This post includes Dale Grove, who published Gray Maneuvers , a sci-fi novel on mind-control technology.

I’ve read a number of his short stories, and find his style and copious amount ideas confirm we’ll be seeing more of his writing in the coming years.

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