Book Cover Design- For Free!

Book CoverDesigningBook cover design for self-published authors offers a challenge in either cost or copyright. The process can be daunting to find something original without depleting your funds.  I have a solution that some would-be authors might appreciate:

This online service provides so much for the author. The main feature I want to point out is being able to design a Kindle book cover that fits the required dimensions. There’s also some pre-made designs available, but also a library of free and low cost designs you can pick from. You can also upload your own graphics.


And it is easy to use. You can see in the graphic below that to the far left, you navigate between Search, Layouts, Text, Backgrounds, and Uploads. Once selected, it shows up in the work area where you can then edit size, color, and position.


Each feature you add, a menu pops open that lets you edit the changes. Change the text, change colors, change where the elements are positioned.


With your free Canva account, you can also create graphics for blogs, web sites, Facebook, Twitter, Ads and more. This means you can have a consistent marketing brand for your site, book, and social media sites.

Some graphics are free, while others cost $1 each.  This way you don’t have to worry about copyright.

Graphics also save to PNG format, so you can use when you self-publish.

I really like how the dimensions are set for you, the choice of designs and graphics there, and you can use your own graphics as well.

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