Blogger’s Block

635641316744273312I hadn’t realized how much I’ve neglected this blog.  I blame blogger’s block- which is like writer’s block but for blogs. I wasn’t inspired, and everything I’d start to post seemed stupid and lacked depth.

I think, however, it is this type of block that demands a writer to write anyway. Ignore the stupidity, lack of entertaining phrases, and just blither if you must. Some authors claim you work through the block. And it’s not as if you have to post what you manage to type up.

Perhaps I will focus on other types of posts, like sharing links to writing programs, author’s sites, review writer-related products, or just blither on about Life in general. After all- a writer’s journey is just that- a journey. We meander away from sitting in front of a computer screen to get out into the world to find inspiration, right?

As for writing, I’ve worked a bit on some short stories in the hopes of publishing. I’m working on a sequel to Into the Shade, getting a few more reviews that were good. I’m also working on a novel, with another novel nagging at me to be written. Wait your turn!

Fireflies: A Vampire Story has some downloads but not many reviews. I’m also hoping to get my writer’s group another possible anthology but also to encourage my fellow authors to get their short stories published.

So on to the adventure!


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