My Top Favorite Writing Tools (other than word processors)


evernoteEvernote– You often find this site/application on many lists for productivity and organization. Basically, Evernote creates folders and stores files, synchronizing between computers, iPhone, Android, and tablets. Also includes a Google Chrome browser extension. Free but you can also get a premium service.

Uses for Evernote:

  • Store research notes by topic or even by the book you’re writing.
  • Create folders and use files for chapters.
  • Brainstorm ideas and store in folders enables me to look the the right word, but also includes Dictionary, quotes, and even a translator. You can also download the smart phone app. Free

Uses for Thesaurus:– This is a nice service that grades your papers. You can add stories or articles, and check spelling, punctuation, word usage, and readability. Very easy to use and most of the service is free. They offer a premium package as well. No app or download. Free.

Uses for PaperRater:

  • Check spelling, punctuation, and word usage.
  • Check your readability stats.
  • Includes a vocabulary builder. is a browser extension that checks your spelling and grammar no matter where you are in the browser. Free

Uses for Grammarly;

  • Check spelling and grammar in emails.
  • Check spelling/grammar in social media sites
  • Check posts with Grammarly provides an online service where you can cut/paste text and have a voice read out loud. I found a number of tips on revising by reading your writing out loud. This can help with that; having the computer read it. Many voices, and accents to choose from. Includes online, PC/Mac download. Free and priced functions.

Uses for NaturalReader;

  • Cut/paste your writing to listen for flow and punctuations.
  • Use to listen to stories as an audio book

What are your favorite tools? Post in comments.


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