Amazon Kindle Publishing- book cover issue


The other day I published my short story, Fireflies: A Vampire Story, on Amazon Kindle Publishing. The weird thing about the process is that I hoped to removed a listing of an old attempt at publishing Into the Shade. I forget the reasons why I didn’t publish or edit the file, but suffice to say, the old version continued to sit on my ‘bookshelf’ (the page you view your listed books on Amazon Publishing).

It irked me to no end, so yesterday, I opted to edit the file and make it a listed short story. Unfortunately, the book cover refused to change. It was listed as Fireflies, but the book cover was Into the Shade. Even more weird was that if you clicked on the preview, it showed the correct book cover and file. Only on the list page did it show the wrong cover.

I tried to get help but still wait for a response. I ended up unpublishing (you can’t delete) and re-published with a fresh file. Now it’s all worked out.

As for the unpublished file, I uploaded a basic graphic to illustrate it can no longer be used. Take note of ‘Do Not Use’. I just can’t trust it will work with editing.


Had any issues with publishing via Amazon? Post in comments to share your story.

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