2015 Writing Goals

2015writing goals copyI haven’t written much in the way of fiction this year. I did, however, write tons in blogging, articles, and other non-fiction, not to mention journaling that seriously helped me evolve through 2014.

So this year, my writing goals adjust according to needs versus wants, and so I’ve come up with the following;

Write regularly, by time not word counts. I’ve tried daily word counts and it only stresses me out. Concentrating on how many words I should add sucks out the freestyle enjoyment of just writing fiction. I just want blocks of time to creativity write out the story, rather than pressure myself to produce when I may not be feeling it.

Write creatively. I need to let go of the concern of ‘getting it right’, but focus on ‘getting it down on paper’. The editing process will straighten out any issues later.

 Write by the Muse not the Editor. This goal incorporates the need to decide which writing project I will focus on. I should focus on whatever creative muse sparks, because it will flow better, and more importantly, I will enjoy writing a story I WANT to write rather than a story I just need to finish.

Publish more fiction. I have a few non-fiction projects I want to publish, but this year, I want to focus on fiction writing as an author. There’s several short stories, a few novels, and characters whining to be written in stories just waiting to be explored.

Use the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting method. This is pretty basic in creating and achieving goals.

Specific– Goals need to be direct and to the point.

Measurable– Goals require to be measured in steps or tasks where you see results.

Achievable– Goals need to challenge you but also be attainable. Publishing a novel within a month might be stretching your skills, but could potentially break you so you can’t reach the goal at all. Adjust according to time, skill, and effort.

Results– Goals need to be outcomes, not the activities. An example of this would be ‘workout regularly’, which doesn’t illustrate a goal as much as a method to reach the goal of becoming fit (or losing weight). ‘Write daily’ might be a goal, but a goal of ‘make writing a daily habit’ better serves to illustrate the need for the habit, not the daily writing.

Time-bound- A time frame provides steps you can take to reach the goal, and this must also be realistic. You should push your limits, but not crush your soul.

Here is a worksheet that includes methods to clarify your goals.

And lastly, to stretch beyond my limits. Since changing my personal blog title to ‘My life is an Adventure’, the change prompts a more daring attitude towards life. I’m not longer just frootbat31, but an adventurer in Life.

This illustrates the power of words, to transform our hearts, to provoke action, and make change. 2015 will be a year of challenging myself.

What are your goals? Post in comments below.


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