The Power of Words


Today I migrated my personal blog at Blogger to WordPress. I’m also moving away from my online identity of Frootbat31 to Sharon Poffinberger, which my personal site now reflects

The blog I entitled My Life is an Adventure, and this seems to bolster my intention of a life with adventure. Sure, my adventures so far include just video games, but why not show courage in reality and see what happens?

Within reason…

I don’t plan on jumping out of planes or wrestling bears, or anything like that. (I did pet a cougar once when I worked at a zoo) Reality doesn’t have respawn like a video game, but I currently live a quiet lifestyle. I also don’t take many risks.

I think its important to extend ourselves beyond what we see as ‘safe’, to press ourselves beyond our capacity, to see what we are made of.

This also got me thinking of verbs….the power of verbs. Many authors offer the noob writer the same advice; pick powerful verbs. Don’t think, but ponder or better yet, take action. Don’t feel angry, be enraged. Don’t walk…stride or even strut. See the difference?

So I hope to take my energies of planning and hoping to action and doing. I’ll post along the journey, to let you know how it works out.


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