Cultivating Focus

eye01I am an over thinker. I’m a multi-tasker. I am a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas that never really get to the fruition stage of development, so this month’s main goal is to find ways to cultivate the power of focus.

marieVerberize the‘to do’ list- One helpful hint by Marie Forleo’s about tweaking the ‘to do’ list (Video),  talks about adding a verb to the to do list, to help trigger you into action. This has helped me shift into action because the action gets listed right there. Instead of ‘blog’, I write ‘post blog’.

Specifics– This was a bit tip that helped me. Generally goals don’t’ get done if they are too generalized and I have no idea where to begin, so part of the process of achieving goals includes the planning process. Instead of ‘write short story’, I write ‘write Under the Bridge’ story, so I know exactly which plot to work on. Instead of ‘blog’, I will write’ Brainstorm blog posts’ or ‘post Cultivating Focus’.

Bite size goals – It helps to not just be specific to what your goals must be, but also they need to be broken into bite-sized pieces. This lets you take on less without getting overwhelmed.

Prioritize your actions– I pick three things each day that become ‘most important’. If anything else, those three things must get done, and they need to be things that focus on moving my life forward in some capacity.

focus45Remove distractions. I use a Google Chrome extension called Focus 45 which enables me to shut off sites like Pinterst, Facebook, and Youtube (the top distractors) from my viewing pleasure for 45 minutes.

You can also use timers on your phone, watch, or computer to dedicate that time to a specific chore you need to complete.

Plan the night before- Each week, I plan for the week ahead. This is laid out in a MS Word document, in a table that lists topics like appointments, writing (non-fiction), blogging, work/marketing, chores, and crafts/projects. Form this, I will list in my MS Word journal the main list of things to be done daily, making sure to prioritize the top three things that are most important. This really helps me get on with my day.

A time to plan, a time for action – My biggest revelation last month is how great I am at planning but not so much with taking action. I added to my weekly schedule labels so certain days are dedicated to planning, while others for focusing on action. My hope is that balances my efforts into something tangible, and taking action bears success.

So what are your tips for productivity? If these help, please remember to share, like, and otherwise let me know you enjoyed it. Thanks.


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