What inspires me…

inspireLast writer’s meetup, our topic covered ‘What Inspires You’. This led to a lovely discussion of sharing what inspired us to write, as well as where we got ideas for our stories. I felt it would make a nice share for a post today.

I can’t remember when I started writing. Stories always seemed to be in my head, and I remember in school writing page after page of stories. (when I should’ve been doing schoolwork) Unfortunately, they were more ‘a-day-in-a-life’ of a character and rather boring. I enjoyed writing, anyway. It was a lovely escape (and reading Sci-fi and fantasy as well) from the mundane life I led.

As I got older, I started writing in fanfiction and got my first taste of feedback. People liked what I wrote, enjoyed the characters I created. I began to consider if I could write original stories people would also enjoy.

I wanted to join a writer’s group, but in this area the only writer’s group was published authors only. I didn’t feel that was very fair, or one that could fulfill my needs, so I created my own writers group. It started small with one or two at a meeting, grew to six to eight, now I see 12 or more regularly.

We would talk about writing, share our work, and I found more people liked what I offered.

I can’t say a specific author inspired me, but the genres of Fantasy and Sci-fi spurred me on. Video games sparks ideas, but also random idea where I let my curiosity wonder.

Into the Shade bubbled up from the mythos of the Veil. In the pagan beliefs, the world of Spirits and the undead are beyond the Veil. It’s said that dreams also reside there, just on the edge. I wondered if Science somehow broke into that, if your average person gets caught in that space, what would happen?

In the Western Maryland Writers Anthology: 2013 (Western Maryland Writers Meetup Anthology 2013) (Volume 1) , my poem, A Token of His Love, was inspired by my sister’s abuse of her ex-husband, as well as the number of women I’ve met over the years who endure abuse from their significant others.

In Horror Anthology: Western Maryland Writers Meetup 2014 (Volume 2), I submitted a short story, Fireflies. This is not your typical vampire story. I found inspiration when I read about this species of firefly known as Photorus, which gives a bioluminescent signal to males of other species. Instead of mating, they eat them.

I find inspiration in odd places;

  • Taking my dog for a walk lets my mind wander a bit, and I find my thoughts mulling over characters, plots, and mythologies, and how to make new stories from them.
  • Meeting interesting people. People have tons of stories, and I often wonder about tweaking stories to add more drama, conflict, or weirdness to flesh out a story.
  • Having weird things happen. These would be those moments of serendipity, or even stupidity. For instance, once I didn’t fix a headlight. Eventually, the other headlight blew out, and I rolled my car home at 10-15 mph in the dark, late at night. All sorts of thoughts sprang to mind of serial killers or monster ‘getting me’.
  • Dreams inspire me. I’ve used dream characters in stories, or places I’ve been in my dreams.
  • Prompts from photos, questions, and other things found on the Internet. I keep a board dedicated to Writer Prompts on Pinterest.
    What inspires you? Where do you get your ideas?Post in comments below

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