Winter- The best time for writing

winter best for writingWhile adding some décor to the front porch, I heard the ‘tinkling’ sound of sleet on the sidewalk. I believe this is the first harbinger of winter-to-come; lots of snow and ice. Good thing I have tons of things to keep busy in the dark months of winter.

PinboardpromptsKeep a list of writing prompts. I keep a list on Pinterest, and notebook of writer’s prompts, including some iPhone apps, that can spark some creative ideas for story telling.


Writing Prompts app ($1.99) via the iTunes store, provides some fun ideas for story telling. You can ‘favorite’ what you like, or randomly swipe through words, scenes, news, and sketches.

brainstormerThe Brainstormer app ($1.99) provides some ideas for plot, character, imagined animals, and world building. You get a base app but the others are add-ons you purchase as downloads.

Keep an idea notebook. I keep a notebook on my desk with a pen that has more than one color so I can jot down ideas for characters, plots, scenes, etc. I use the various colors to add notes or add specific instruction to follow later. For instance, I will write down “A scrapbook that collects people” then add notes on potential main characters, endings, and even genres to write in.

Keep some writing rituals for the winter. My writing ritual includes Hazelnut creamer in my coffee, a portable heater near my desk, and my fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm. I also add some flameless candles to my desk for a writing mood, without having to worry about blowing them later. (One even has a timer to shut off after 3 hours).

It probably wouldn’t hurt to offer a little prayer to your muse to help evoke creativity or give thanks you receive inspiration.

Instead of coffee, wine or other alcoholic drinks can work, or tea. I have a lovely Pumpkin Spice tea for this time of year.

Do you keep winter habits for writing? Post in comments.


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