More of the journey

007Writing fiction continues to elude me here of late. I’m a bit overwhelmed with the number of things that distract me or demand my attention.

I’m also finding it difficult to focus. This reminds me of those moments of throwing a handful of popcorn to my dog and she doesn’t catch anything. Too many choices, and feeling overwhelmed, and not doing much at all…ugh!

I still get ideas though. I continue to get some very neat ideas for short stories and novel length fiction, which gets compiled and stuffed in the ‘ideas’ folder. I only wish I can get my brain to work with my muse (or maybe its getting my muse to work with my brain?) and get some writing done.

The anthology is taking longer than expected (which is weird because I went through this last year). Formatted the submissions provides a challenge because inevitably members do not follow submission guidelines.

I like to note here that it is a great idea for authors to format all their documents to submission ready. This means;

– 12 point font

– One inch margins

– NO INDENTS (unless included in submission guidelines, which mine do not include).


Some formatted, when done manually, rather than a setting, leave me the chore of having to go through the entire document and manually change each formatted whatever.

Imagine having to go through a 7,000 – 10,000 word document and manually un-indent each paragraph? Its so tedious.

We hope to publish in a few days.

As for other events on my journey, our next topic at the writer’s group is about witches and tarot. This isn’t so much specific but a general discussion on how many authors get the topic of paranormal wrong. I’m Wiccan, and trust me, it offends me when authors throw around the label of Wiccan as if it means witch and thereby a magical person who casts spells, sleeps with vampires, hunts ghosts or werewolves, and leads a much more exciting life than the average Wiccan faces.

And writing about Tarot (or seeing on TV or movie) you see the same old cliché’ as the Death card scaring people because Death is near. The Death card does not represent death. It represents change, sometimes for the good but sometimes bad depending on the other cards and its position.

And we’ll be covering all that. Members are very intrigued with the topic.

Well, I’ve rambled on for now. Please post in comments about your own journey. I’d love to hear from you.


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