Author Branding

IMG_5588[1]A month ago, I shared with my writer’s group the basics of setting up a blog and/or web site. We discussed domain names, and what to add, but today’s post is about author branding.

‘Branding’ is ‘the process involved creating a unique name and image of a product’. That product is your writing, but also the branding is about you. It helps build recognition. Using a color scheme, specific fonts, and personalized graphics help people recognize you.

Should your site reflect your book or you, the author?

The answer is simple; if you are a one-hit wonder, publishing only that one book, then by all means, have a web site or blog about it. If, however, you intend on writing more than one books, articles, and other literature, you need to make your name the brand.

kingCheck out Stephan King’s site, where he has his name in a recognizable font, as a graphic, and an animated banner showing off his current publications. The site itself is his name, but the web site reflects all his current writing. You can find his previous publications, but he’s showing off what he’s doing now.

amytanAmy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club, has a site that also includes her books but also her TedTalks and TV/Radio events, and even her personal story dealing with Lyme’s disease. The color and graphics are distinctive. Her site focuses on her writing, but also her heritage, her interests, and even her dogs.

butcherJim Butcher, of The Dresden Files , focuses on his book series. Graphics and titles includes the Dresden name, and although he writes other books, the emphasis is on the series that made his name popular. Take note the graphics are about his current novel.

As you can see through this examples, the authors are showing off their name, which is their brand, while promoting their current works.

Consider your future, as to what book or book series are you going to be known for.  What colors and graphics reflect you, as an author, or the book series you will write?

amazonauthorYeah, I know. I don’t do this myself. A Writer’s Journey focuses on writing, and posts stuff that writers might find interesting. (Oddly, not a lot about my personal writing journey.) Its because my name is Sharon Poffinberger. Its not eloquent. Its not easy to spell. I’ve published under that name, but I haven’t decided if that will be the name I publish for future works. Once I decide that, I intend on making some changes.

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