My Writing Space with Tips

003I decided to write about my writing space; otherwise known my ‘magical space’. Its not just for writing, though, but also work and homeschool.  I even keep a tiny altar for my spiritual well being.

My office is my sanctuary; it provides me respite for creativity and work. When not homeschooling my son, I’m writing, scrapbooking, crafting, blogging, organizing my meetups, or compiling all sorts of cool things I want to do (this is why I rarely if ever get bored).


My first tip is using Command Cord Clips . You can use any type of hook but these specific types are for cords. I use this for my tablet recharging cord so it doesn’t keep falling on the floor.


I have a number of storage drawers, the clear plastic kind, that can be boring and cheap looking. I use scrapbook paper inside the drawers to add a consistent look and color to my office shelves.  The labels I made from printer paper, but you can also use a Label Maker to organize your drawer’s contents. You can also use a dry board erasable marker. If the marker doesn’t seem to wipe off, use rubbing alcohol- it comes right off.


This looks like an ordinary box (like a wrapped present), doesn’t it? But it serves a dual purpose. I can use it as a tiny shelf for my desk, but it also hides the surge protector I keep on the desk.

I often plug and unplug things like my iPhone, my Silhouette Portrait die cut machine, and and Fitbit thing to charge. But I also have my landline phone, routers, and answering machine all plugged into this thing. The box hides it all.


See that mess? It gets all covered up nicely. And how I made it was easy;

Take a box that is large enough to cover the surge protector.

Cut out the ends so the cords can go in and out of it. You could cut holes, or cut out the back of it. You just need that space so the cords can go in leaving the box to sit flat.

Cover the box with wrapping paper, duct tape (there’s tons of neat colors now), or contact paper. Now viola! You have a surge protector all hidden from sight, while providing a tiny shelf on the desk.


I live by my dry board on the wall next to me. I used my die cut machine to make the words ‘to do list’ and the flourish, as well s the divider. The top lists things I MUST do such as work, projects, and appointments. The bottom, I put my chores like washing dishes, walking my dog, or taking out the trash.

The corkboard includes all the writing projects, craft ideas, and my weekly schedule I make each Sunday.


A larger command hook lets me hang up the headset I use on the wall within reach. It keeps it out of the way.

Take note of the bread tie used to keep the cord wrapped up.

Another vital tip I can share is using a USB hub. These are cheap and easy to use. You can plug in any USB compatible thing such as flash drives, printers, cameras, computer mouse, and so forth, up to 127 devices on one USB port. This lets you expand your computer/laptop.


I have a four port hub plugged into my laptop which includes my wireless keyboard, mouse, printer, and die cut machine (not plugged in the photo). I can then unplug the hub…


And plug into my Surface Pro tablet, and BAM! I can use the keyboard, mouse, and printer.

I prefer my wireless keyboard much better than the tablet’s keyboard (or touch screen) for writing.

I can also share an organizing tip I continually find on the ‘organizational tips’ online;

Stuff you don’t use regularly, gets put away and out of site. Things you use regularly need to placed in a ‘zone’, so when its time to put away, you know exactly where it goes.

I have a shelf for manuals and meetup stuff, with another shelf for craft projects, and another shelf dedicated to my business (

Even my drawers are organized by frequency of use, and specific to the drawer closest to me.

I hope you found some of these tips helpful. If you liked- please share, comment, and subscribe.


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