Writer’s Block and Homeschool

008I don’t post enough on my blogs. Its not intentional; its all those distractions Life keeps throwing at me.

For the past month, I blame homeschool. We recently switched to an ‘umbrella’ school, since we grew to hate the Board of Education reviews. Where teaching and learning was once joyous and fun, the reviews forced me to stick with paperwork and textbooks. BORING!

I grew to hate teaching, and my son loathed having to start homeschool. The idea of his going to school bothered me greatly, since it was just more of the boring reading, note taking, and reciting stuff.

Learning should be filled with wonder, even a hunger to know more. People naturally learn all the time, from things that interest them, to the relationships they have, to even the entertainment they consume. But the way we were expected to conduct homeschool, too much like public school, and I was so bored. My son was bored.

In his younger years, teaching was a blast, and my son enjoyed the lessons. We explored all sorts of neat things, gobbling up the material in the form of documentaries, games, field trips, even music, stories, etc.  As he grew older, and the reviewer began to demand more text work (you know, but text books), it just sucked out all the fun and creativity for us.

What I found is that it also sucked out my own creativity. My mind and heart had to focus on my son’s education. I began to second guess everything I did, and writing creativity turned into sitting at a blank screen, unable to type anything but Hemmingway-like sentences, written by a third grader.

Where the heck did the creative muse go? Did she forsake me? Did the orthodoxy of school throttle into submission?

Since we passed our review (and my son is now entering high school grades in homeschool), the umbrella school reviewer is by far more open about creative learning. Imagine hearing angels sing as the clouds part, and this epic soundtrack start- yeah, it felt like that- I can be creative again. I was given the freedom to express myself through teaching but also through crafts and my writing.

Maybe I can’t compartmentalize like a true author should be able to, but I don’t care- I can be free of the shackles now, explore words and sentences, and let go of that self-questioning doubt.

And I should remember that this blog is about The Writer’s Journey, the process to share my words, and ups and down that goes with that.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. I also helped a fellow writer publish his memoir booklet, Walking With Faith. His story tells of his childhood loss of his mother at a young age, his growing up helping community, but later he tells about his battle with cancer, how it helped lead him to helping others with his non-profit, Openheartsopenpalms.org.

He’s a very sweet guy, full of enthusiasm and genuine concern for his fellow man (and woman). He’s working towards building community gardens to feed soup kitchens, and a van to help veterans get to their doctor appointments- just to name a few.

I designed the cover, par his instructions, and published to the Amazon Kindle Singles.

Now I’m on vacation….relaxing, thinking of my own stories to share.


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