The importance of ‘move and shake’

writer01As writers, I think we take for granted out health. We don’t exercise enough. Sitting can be deadly.


For the past few weeks, I’ve been using a neat little gadget called a Fitbit Flex . This little wrist band is waterproof, sweatproof, and tracks steps and even sleeping movements.

It includes a web site and iPhone app to use in addition to it, to track your diet as well. I also found this works very nicely with two other apps I like;

MyFitnessPal (site and iPhone and android) which tracks diet and exercise. I like the scanner on it.

Striiv – This app includes a cute little game where you use exercise to earn coins and energy to build a little village. Its cute. There’s also challenges you can click on, and earn trophies and even freebies like a pack of gum.

I didn’t  think too much how inactive I was until I saw the first day’s results. I barely moved a mile! The Fitbit Flex (and other experts) suggest you walk 5 miles or 10,000 steps a day to gain health. I was nowhere near that.


I’ve been going to the gym to workout on the treadmill, elliptical, and do some weights. I also take my dog for a walk/run along the river when I can.

And here is what I’ve found;

  • Exercise often gives me ideas. I listen to music or podcasts, so I get some great prompts and ideas while I do my workout.
  • I feel stronger and healthier. This means sleeping better, and having energy.

I’m considering using my treadmill in the cellar (and it’s a scary, low-ceiling type cellar that’s cold and dank and full of spiders) and bring my tablet to type and walk at the same time. I could also read the Kindle app while on a stationary bike, or watch podcasts.

But its important to be moving, to get the blood pumping, to stave off health issues, and to embrace what the muse might inspire in me.

Perhaps my muse will enjoy a workout with me.


4 Replies to “The importance of ‘move and shake’”

  1. Fellow Flex-er! I wrote a review on my Flex not that long ago…aren’t they neat? Although, like you, wearing one made me realize just how sedentary I am. Many a days I’ve gone without getting to the second indicator light. >.>

    I’m going to check out Striiv now! I already use My Fitness Pal, but I’m always up for apps that make exercise more fun. lol


    1. Ever hear of Zombies, Run!? Its an app to motivate running…from zombies. I will walk in place when I play Skyrim, especially at load screens or when I have to walk here to there. I did a mile walk just doing that! It justifies the game playing.
      I’m considering using a treadmill and try writing and walking at the same time. Hopefully, I won’t fall over.


      1. I LOVE the Zombies! Run! app! I downloaded the 5k training one a while back and it was really helping until my stomach issues made it pretty much impossible to run. -_-

        I couldn’t fathom writing on a treadmill myself…lol…but I have played video games on the treadmill, or read. Definitely helps! 😀

        How are you using Striiv with your Fitbit? I can only seem to connect it to My Fitness Pal, but that’s just using two activity trackers simultaneously. :\


  2. I rechecked and I guess its not connected to Fitbit after all. It will work without the Striiv pedometer though. I suppose it uses the iPhone GPS. Fitbit might be more accurate because it uses the Flex, but I still enjoy Striiv for the challenges. I swear it makes me workout longer to earn energy for my little village. lol


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