Ten Classic Plot Bunnies for When You’re Stuck | Miss Literati

Ten Classic Plot Bunnies for When You’re Stuck | Miss Literati.

I originally found this article via Pinterest for the adorable picture of the bunny, but then found the article worthy of sharing as well.

Getting stuck with plotting a story offers challenges, which a few tricks can turn the process into something fun.

Change age and gender. I will switch things around in a story to see if it provides enough compelling change to merit the change in the first place. One story I’m currently working on switched one of the main characters from a young woman to a young boy. It changed the story from a potential romance to a coming of age trope.

Throw some ‘acts of God’ into the mix. A huge disaster, or approaching disaster gives characters struggles to develop and grow. This can be a storm, or you can choose disease or sudden death. Piling on the problems forces the character to break or adapt. (Not unlike Life)

What plot bunnies have you used in your own writing? Add in comments.


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