Update: Where the magic happens

Last Christmas, my husband found this huge desk. He knows how much time I spend at the computer, and found a gift to reflect that. He then built the shelves you see here. Today, I will show you the organization of my work space;

Snow Home 033

Put things into zones. This shelves holds all the immediate work to be done with meetups, business, and personal stuff. Being the lowest shelf, I can easily reach up and grab things I need.

Snow Home 031

Add color. These are normal plastic drawers I added scrapbook paper to hide contents but also clarify the labels of what’s within. Paper, pens, pencils, and scissors are at the ready for crafts and work.

Snow Home 032

Zones within zones. There’s a bit of a zone inception going on here, but I keep large binders to keep most of the stored information for my meetup groups, personal stuff, manuals, and homeschool. (Homeschool has its stuff on another bookshelf that you can’t see).

Tip: Manuals are put into pockets or I use a hole punch to add them to the manual. It is much simpler to view and find them this way.

Snow Home 029

Move vertically. My husband put corkboard backing on the shelves, so this area I put tape, scissors, and small measuring tape I use for crafting at the ready.

Tip: Make your own tacks by hot-gluing bottle cap or buttons on tacks. Other tacks were perfect to use for hanging things up.


Sacred Spot. I follow a ‘pagan’ religion, but you can add any sacred spot on the desk for meditation and Snow Home 030moments of spiritual uplifting. I will light incense or a candle, and make small prayers to my muse to get off her duff and inspire me. Winking smile

Snow Home 026

Other things of note:

Coffee mug warmer- A gift from my son to provide always warm coffee or tea.

Silhouette die cut machine ( to the lower left) lets me shape and cut anything from paper or cardstock to make cards and other crafts.

Surge protector. I put it on the desk as often as I plug and unplug things. I hope to find a box to store it in, so it looks neater.

Drawers. Each drawer is dedicated to specific needs. The lower right- files. The upper right- all office supplies. The upper left- makeup up, lotion, vitamins, coupons, extra pens, business cards. Lower left- Index card box with passwords, money bank for homeschool (for museum money, or supplies), electronic pencil sharpener, and extra paper clips.

001The dry eraser board is half cork and half dry eraser. The corkboard, I put the public school schedule (and lists of productivity vs. planning chart). The dry board, I add to the top the important ‘to do’ stuff, and add the chores needed doing at the bottom.

Tip: Hot glue tacks to clothespins and add pretty scrapbook paper to make neat clothespin tacks.

Tip: I added a hook to store my headset out of the way.

You can also see the lettering and little flair are made of vinyl and that’s something I made with my Silhouette machine.

So I guess that leaves me no excuse to get to writing, eh?


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